Ross Shafer Out of His Marriage, Into A New Relationship

From Facebook:

(Leah Shafer with Captain Sandy Yawn from Below Deck Mediterranean).

One aspect that frustrated Shafer was she loved her husband even though she wasn’t happy. “My ex is an amazing man,” she shared. “He is truly a gem. But he traveled a ton for speaking and our daughter was in school and I lived in this huge house, had everything I wanted and I was empty inside.”
She added, “I refused to be a woman that stayed in a marriage because I feared money. It’s no fun to watch your spending, it’s scary now being on my own, but there is also a freedom to it. I know a ton of women that say they felt stuck. Or they struggled with their sexuality or the passion was just non-existent in the marriage. So instead of making a change, they remain sad.” FULL STORY

Author: Jason Remington

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9 thoughts on “Ross Shafer Out of His Marriage, Into A New Relationship

    1. We post updates on various media personalities. Ross Shafer was a stand-up comic and host of Almost Live on KING 5 and the nationally syndicated Match Game show. Let me guess, Sarah. You are a social justice warrior and find something offensive in this post. This info comes from Ross’ Facebook page and several national online magazines. Leah Shafer publicly acknowledges her new relationship and uses it to further promote her career as a Christian author and speaker. Maybe some see that as a confused soul or might be offended by that. In that case, text or email Leah. Either way, get over it!

      1. Typical men commenting. Egos involved. I’m not affected by your comments because guess what, i’m happy:) And those that have to write articles and judge and shame others when you have no idea of the actual facts and details and have to slam others are sad souls.

        1. You and Ross lead very public lives. Your actions are open for review and everyone has an opinion. The quote is from something YOU posted online. Here, you have made a sexist remark about men, yet you are offended by such generalizations concerning queers. Ego? Yours is huge. As a “Christian author and speaker”, how can you further enlighten us regarding your lifestyle choices? As for “the actual facts” about your situation, what lead up to your divorce, and other sordid details, what more can you tell us beyond what you have already spoken of on social media? Please elaborate.

  1. The media and academia teach mental and gender confusion…no wonder she’s messed up…and I’m saying this on a media site!

  2. This is a very selfish society we live in, where marriage is entered into with the understanding that it can be tossed aside for any reason. A full refund if not satisfied. A lot of people are confused about themselves. It has less to do about their mate and more to do with their family values or lack thereof.

  3. George Harrison nailed it, with one of his own tunes…”I, Me My”….this refrain must have shown up a hundred times over during the “beautiful” Leah’s long list of reasons why she must fulfill herself!…a very empty woman, who is also full of herself!…botox and tight jeans, about 20 years too late…and her new “love” looks quite masculine!…but we live in the “whatever floats your boat” era.

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