3 thoughts on “Competitors Monitor KING AM Progress; Gary Vance Sunday Show Returns

  1. Nice to see Gary Vance getting a little ink. The guy had a continuous 25 year career in Seattle radio … at “Kountry KAYO” & then mid-days on KMPS-AM!! While I knew him at KMPS, he was truly the “most country” of all the “Compass jocks”. He was a super advocate for “hardcore country” music. The “twangier” the better, as far as Gary was concerned! I was always amazed that he commuted all the way from his home in Marysville to the KMPS Harbor Island, and then the Pike Place Market locations every day…even under the worst snowy/winter conditions. (For me, it was hard enough commuting from West Seattle).
    I noted that Victor’s article also mentioned my Jay Hamilton’s Collectors Items. That pre-recorded show was honestly one of my favorite things I was able to do at KMPS. When Gary left radio, I took over his Sunday Night slot (also pre-recorded) with my “Old Time Country Music & Bluegrass Show”. Another favorite of mine to do.
    I’ll never forget Gary’s description to me of his initiation into the Seattle Seafair Pirates. Sorry … not fit for print here! I know he was also proud he was the voice on the Northwest Airlines “the only way to fly” commercials. In my view, Gary was the last of the actual “Country”-country deejays in Seattle.

  2. Interesting that many obituaries speak of where the deceased worked and what organizations he/she was involved in. I would prefer to have none of that. In fact, I think I will write my own obituary. Of course, there will be many complimentary remarks about myself.

  3. Gary went to work at KMPS as soon as the non-compete he signed at KAYO expired. With or without signing, the axe did fall on one and all. I don’t know if anyone else signed one. Ed Howell went over to KMO and I got on at KMPS.

    Bobby Wooten pulled up stakes and moved back to his home town, Paris, Arkansas, to raise chickens.

    I was managing a store at Lake Forest Park in 1978 and Gary walked in one day and accused me of getting a real job. We shot the bull for over an hour.

    Gary’s obituary from the Everett Herald:


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