Now Hear This: KYA San Francisco

A Top 30 Countdown show is in progress. The DJ is Sean O’Callaghan

KYA San Francisco, September 22, 1967 (53:41)

From 1961, Bobby Mitchell…

Bobby Mitchell KYA San Francisco (9:22)

Recorded over the air by radio engineer Mike Schweizer

Author: Jason Remington

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4 thoughts on “Now Hear This: KYA San Francisco

  1. The 1961 aircheck mentioned Pittsburg weather. I arrived at Coast Guard Base Alameda for boot camp in October 1961 and that’s where I heard an oldies station for the very first time. It was “K-Kiss”, 990 KKIS Pittsburg.

    We also listened in the barracks to KEWB Channel 91 (same jingles as KQDE) and to 1260 KYA (same jingles as KOL). On KOL, an oldie was a Golden Hit Great, on KYA it was a Golden Gate Great.

    Oh, them sixty-year-old memories. Now if could just remember to zip my fly before heading off to WalMart . . .

  2. 45 KYA degrees. Yuk! That’s like “The time on the KYA clock is…” Hokey stuff! There are better ways to get the call letters in. Call letters are remembered for the content of the program, and the repetitious use of the calls. It can be done in subtle way. If the content is worth coming back for, the listener won’t forget the call letters.

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