Subtle Hints and Dress Codes In These Changing Times

Taylor Brooks, KHQ 6 sports reporter and anchor, says that when she reports from home, she is actually working from her boyfriend’s home, because he has a desk and she doesn’t. Yesterday, her boyfriend sold the desk. She wonders what he is trying to say.

This blog post is being written from home and I have my Emmy on a shelf behind me. If I had my camera here you could see it. A picture of my Aunt Emmy.

KXLY 4 / Spokane challenges you! Good Morning Northwest has thrown a challenge to viewers, Take A Walk, Take A Picture. Phew! I don’t know that I am up to it.

Like most of you working from home, FOX 12/Portland employees are having daily meetings via video conferencing. Is there a dress code for these meetings?

Devin Eskew, Lead News Photographer, KPTV 12

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