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Trevor Beard/Westside Mobile Media – Westside Mobile Media is an online sports station that broadcasts high school sports from Portland’s far west side (mainly Banks High School 25 miles west of Portland). Westside Mobile Media has been operated since 2015 by longtime Oregon Coast broadcaster Trevor Beard who spent 10 years in various radio capacities in Lincoln County, Oregon starting his career as an 18 year old broadcast intern at (then KORC AM 820) what is now AM 820 KWDP from 1994-1996. His first paid radio gig came in the Fall of 1997 as a Traffic Director at KZUS/KTDO (Toledo, OR) and was a weekend on-air announcer from 1999-2005 for Yaquina Bay Communications of Newport, OR responsible for Friday nights and weekend afternoons on KYTE 102.7 FM

Westside Mobile Media operates on a very limited budget. MacBook Pro, Alesis 4-channel mixer, Stanton headset and wifi (from cell phone mobile hot spot) allow Westside Mobile Media to operate from any location where wifi is accessible.

The London based streaming platform, has a 3-channel on screen mixer for main mic, “any input” (which can be used for secondary headset or crowd mic) and “playlist”. Playlist allows for any mp3 or wav sound files to be played allowing Mixlr also to be used as a great option for online music stations, or any person that wishes to have any audio broadcast including podcasts. Mixlr has 3 very affordable subscription options that are much cheaper than other streaming platforms like Spreaker or The best option for other people interested in streaming athletics or music is the 20$/per month mid level subscription that allows for streaming up to 12 hours a day. Mixlr has a free option you can add to any channel that allows listeners to chat with the station operator/DJ and will email listener stats to the operator’s e-mail address on file usually within 10 minutes of ending the broadcast by clicking on the red start/stop button underneath the broadcast timer in the upper left corner. It also has an option of saving to your archive that Mixlr calls a “Showreel”. After you click stop at the end of a broadcast, it will immediately ask you if you want to “publish your broadcast to the showreel”. This is mixer’s way of asking if you want to save the broadcast to your archive.

Since 2015, Westside Mobile Media has amassed over 37,000 listeners and has had a very successful 2018-19 season broadcasting football (2018 4A state championship), volleyball, boys basketball (2019 4A state championship), girls basketball, baseball (2019 4A state championship), and softball.

Anyone with a basic knowledge of audio production can use Audacity (what Westside Mobile Media uses) or any other audio production of their choice to produce radio quality mp3 or wav file commercials to monetize broadcast operation.

Westside Mobile Media is open to brokering time to podcasters looking to stream their shows and get more listeners for a small fee when not broadcasting games. For more information, Westside Mobile Media can be reached at 971-330-8122, or by email

Broadcasts of games can be heard via

*Our thanks to Trevor Beard for information on a very unique online audio feature. This is the first community-based sports broadcast service of its kind that I have heard of. This is the direction radio is headed in. Seem to me that Trevor is ahead of the curve. Trevor is keeping it local. We wish him well in his efforts to monetize this service to his community.

Author: Jason Remington

Creator, Admin, & Editor of QZVX, former broadcaster at KTOY FM/Tacoma, KVAC/Forks , KDFL/Sumner, KTTX & KWHI FM/Brenham (TX), KONP/Port Angeles, KBAM/Longview, KJUN/Puyallup, KRPM FM/Tacoma, KAMT/Tacoma, KASY/Auburn, KBRD FM/Tacoma, KTAC/Tacoma, KMTT FM/Tacoma, and KOOL FM/Phoenix. -- Airchecks

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