When You Could Bet on KING 5

Updated: (ad from 1968)

Author: Jason Remington

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1 thought on “When You Could Bet on KING 5

  1. From the Internet Archive, some of our Lost Comments—

    Maple Valley Mike says:
    May 6, 2017 11:12 am at
    I remember Huntley-Brinkley, Huntley of course, had deep West Coast roots and had once worked on KHQ, the NBC affiliate in Spokane. He died of cancer only a few years after retiring from broadcasting. David Brinkley, on the other hand, continued his career for a couple decades after he was replaced.
    The big rivalry in the 1960s was between H/B and Walter Cronkite. ABC was light years behind on it’s national news coverage.

    Adam says:
    May 9, 2017 7:44 pm at
    The date is not listed here, but I am pretty positive this ad is from late December 1968 or January 1969, due to the mentions of the Super Bowl in the Orange Bowl(which of course that year featured Joe Namath famously guaranteeing the NY Jets would beat the Baltimore Colts, which they did and pretty much gave the American Football League all the evidence they needed for their eventual merger with the NFL), as well as the mentions of Richard Nixon’s inauguration(he was elected in November 1968 I believe) and the Storybook Squares(which only ran for six months or so in 1969)..

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