KOL Jocks @ The Seattle Center – 1968

1960s Jocks: Mitchell, Walker, Court & Fowler

September 1969 Radio Notes – KISW Returns To All-Classics & The Emperor Reigns @ KJR

KMPS 10th Anniversary (1985)

Because They’re Young: Greg Aust & Kevin O’Brien; Dick Curtis Fired From KOL

January 12, 1969 Radio Notes – Promotions At KOL

Morton Replaces Roberts on KOL, Don Clark’s Housewives Serenade, & The Very Hip Norm Gregory

Tom Murphy To KRLA, Scotty Brink Arrives, KISW & KOL Slice The Pie, KING-AM Rocks

Bill Snoopy’s Swing Years, Chuck Bolland Editorializes On KOL

KISW Circles Back To Review 50 Years In Rock

Homer Pope, KJR History, KING & KIRO Jock Shuffling

KAYO Picnic, Disc Jockey Purge, KOOD Stays Dark, KAYE Battle Details

Sam Lawson’s Audio Vault: KYYX, Seattle, Live Coverage of the 1977 Hydro Race with Pat O’Day, Lan Roberts, Jack Brow, and Robin Mitchell

Robert O. Down Under

January 9, 1969 Radio Dial