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January 12, 1969 — It now becomes official, Richard Buckley Junior, Pres. of Buckley Broadcasting and owner of KOL has appointed Lan Roberts, former KJR morning man, as Program Director at KOL. Dick Curtis, KOL Program Director has been named Station Manager. Robert E Reilley remains General Sales Manager. Robin Mitchell evening disc jockey will assume the job of Music Director.

Drake-Chennault Enterprises of California has shared a taped program service for radio stations that want hits of the past blended with contemporary sounds of today. KIRO FM has been using it since January 1.

ABC Radio is considering marketing a prerecorded music service, called “Love,” that cleans up underground rock in about the same way that Silhouette cleans up top 40 radio. Silhouette is heard Sunday nights at 10 on KKJR.

KPQ FM Wenatchee offered a box Washington apples to the listener farthest away, to check out the FM signal range. The station reported mail from Canada, Oregon and Idaho.

January 16, 1969 — When Robert O Smith was late night disk jockey at KOL he favored progressive rock. His musical tastes had far-reaching implications.
They reached Australia.
Now KOL’s morning man, Robert O. yesterday received a phone call from Sydney. The caller explained that KOL had been monitored from time to time and that Australia listeners would be anxious to learn “what’s happening” in American music.
Thus, Australian disc jockey Mad Mel (who shares airtime with fellow’s name Mr. Happy and Charlie Afternoon on radio station 2-SM) and Robert O, had a transoceanic chat.
Mad Mel asked that Robert O play a Dr. John record; Robert O. complied and tossed in Jeff Beck and Jimi Hendrix selections, along with the reminder that deep down in his soul Hendrix was a Seattle boy.
Mad Mel said he would play the phone call over the foreign radio station. Presumably, facilities at KOL will be used again in the future to bring the land Down Under up-to-date.

Just a bit confusing to the dial twister would be the appearance of Dick Harris on KGDN’s afternoon drive time show and again on KIRO’s evening music hours last night. Harris, it seems, has been on call as a part-time news man for KIRO AM– and all of a sudden the flu bug at Broadcast House made it vital that he sit on the record show as well.

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Author: Victor Stredicke

Former radio columnist for the Seattle Times (1964-1989). --- View other articles by Victor Stredicke
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  1. I remember when a guy named Steve Michaels worked 2 till 6.a.m. at KOL-AM. Earlier that night, he filled in for the 9 till midnight guy on top 40 rival KTAC. I used to notice that when a news story broke out in Tacoma, a KTAC reporter used to report in on both KOL and KTAC and if a news story broke in Seattle, a KOL reporter would return the favor. I sure would like to know how that was arranged.

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