KAYO Picnic, Disc Jockey Purge, KOOD Stays Dark, KAYE Battle Details

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Author: Victor Stredicke

Former radio columnist for the Seattle Times (1964-1989). --- View other articles by Victor Stredicke
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2 thoughts on “KAYO Picnic, Disc Jockey Purge, KOOD Stays Dark, KAYE Battle Details

  1. Concerning KOOD AM 1480 in Lakewood, which later became KLAY…
    Long before I lived in Tacoma, I was working Radio & TV news in South Bend-Elkhart, Indiana. Around 1970, my news director and I decided we’d like to buy a small station, and we came across KOOD (already gone dark), the only broker listing we could possibly afford. So I flew out and former owner Bob Cooper picked me up in Seattle and we drove down to the station, which was located at the transmitter site outside of Lakewood. On the way, Cooper admitted the station had been a challenge, but the studio equipment alone was worth the asking price. When we got to the station, it had been burglarized and stripped of all equipment! We did not buy. As fate would have it, though, I did end up doing a talk show on KLAY while it was still on 1480, and again later when it had moved to 1180.

    1. The Lakewood stations were money losers, from KFHA through KLAY. Maybe Sacred Heart makes money with donations from South Sound listeners between 1240 KBUP and 1180 KLAY.

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