14 thoughts on “KOMO’s Eric Johnson to retire

  1. Eric is a legend. It’s a shame people like Wayne trash him. Eric deserves a happy and healthy retirement.

    1. Not sure who Wayne is. By the NWCN picture maybe an “industry insider”. Probably now in academia somewhere as NWCN died a slow ratings death. That said attributing all his perceived Sinclair ills onto Eric and not recognizing a distinguished career is childish and more likely rooted in bitterness. I suspect he is far left leaning and not open to other positions. As for Seattle is Dying? It was (and is) an accurate portrayal of the city and the lack of leadership which has noting to do with Sinclair OR Eric. BTW Seattle has been run by one party since 1969 not Sinclair. Eric spent 39 dedicated years at KOMO. Sinclair only the last few. Hit man? Be careful of what you accuse. Maybe a look in the mirror might be in order. Happy retirement Eric!

      1. Louis I had a 45-year career in TV news and know a hit piece when I see one. Not bitter, just don’t want to see a guymaking his living in Seattle try to ruin it with false narrarives. Not bitter, just honest. Many at KOMO are pushing the Sinclair initiative besides Johnson. So much so that several previous news directors left becuase they could not abide the corporate agenda. None of this seemed to happen at Fisher. You hide behind one name, so you are a great, anonymous keyboard warrior, it seems. I am entitled to my opinion. I Don’t begrudge him his retirement, but his damage to the city remains.

        1. Not certain what reporting Johnson and KOMO does which offends so much. In my opinion, Seattle IS dying. I wouldn’t set foot in downtown Seattle due to the homelessness crime, filth and druggie issues. Have you seen any of the reporting by Jonathan Choe about the same and the protestors causing havoc? Follow Choe on X to “read all about it.” Choe delves deep into what is happening on the street. So much so that he was FIRED by KOMO. There are things the media doesn’t want you to see.
          As for agendas, KING 5 has theirs. It hinges on race. KING hires based on shades of brown skin color, gender and radical thinking skills. Is that better?
          KCTS is far Left, funded by the government, using our tax dollars, as are KNKX FM, KUOW and other NPR radio stations to push that agenda.
          What I gather from all this is that Sinclair leans Right and that just sets some people off, because the majority of the media is far Left. Boo Hoo!
          Tell me CNN, MSNBC, FOX, NEWSMAX don’t have an agenda. That’s a good joke.
          And with all that, we all have our favorites and others we despise. I have my opinion and you have yours.

          1. Choe was fired for going rogue and live tweeting and covering a Proud Boys protest at the statehouse. Nothing to do with his street reporting.
            You need to read more about Sinclair, Jason. This is the company that forced their stations to run ultimate Trumper Boris Epsteyin’s commentaries, and disguised health reports they were being paid to run. Their boss had a regular hooker in Baltimore and was busted and sentenced to 100 hours of community service, which his Baltimore station served by running agendized stories to get him off the hook.
            I don’t appreciate somone using your blog to call me bitter and childish. I didn’t personally attack Louis, just a reporter in the public eye, who works in a fishbowl. Yet he tried to define me. I find that kind of of personal attack right-leaning, so back at cha.

            1. Regarding Choe doing better reporting than you find on local TV: Yes, I understand that KOMO does not appreciate investigative reporting that does not follow their agenda.
              What major network bigwig doesn’t have hookers, drugs, skeletons? What current President and his son have not committed crimes, used drugs and hookers?
              What news network doesn’t push their agenda through commentary, firing those who don’t follow the rules?
              Your point? Sounds like you don’t like Sinclair and it’s corporate folks. That’s all. Just as anyone complaining about any other network comes off sounding the same, Lefty or Righty.
              Want to read some petty bullshit, lopsided opinion, Leftist agenda commentary on TV news people? Read FTVLive.com — as woke and Left as they come. His reader comments are well-hidden, probably heavily edited or restricted.

        2. Sounds like you guys are ganging up on us White Conservative Republicans. We have the Family Values, Guns, Bibles and Privilege. You’ve got soy milk, NPR, Rachel Maddow, your vegan lifestyle, a former vice-president crapping his pants in the Oval Office , your collective fear, conspiracy theories, corrupt politicians and Trump Derangement Syndrome.
          Oh, WE also have tiger blood.

      2. Louis I had a 45-year career in TV news and know a hit piece and a news agenda when I see one. And stop hiding behind one name. Anonyous keyboard warrior.

  2. Johnson pushed the Sinclair corporate agenda with his docs called SEATTLE IS DYING and FIGHTIMG FOR THE SOUL OF SEATTLE. Both biased and worthless. Thr corporate agenda is to tear down cities and schools. It is the same in Baltimore, their station flagship location. Good riddance. Can’t live forever on his writing skill when he supports his company’s plan every day on the news…e.g. Jeremy Harris and McCarron. Hit man Eric.

  3. Congratulations on a long and accomplished career. Have enjoyed the stories Eric has covered and his Little Heroes segments. Especially one he did a couple years ago about a very close friend of mine in Chelan. Unlike many of today’s “storytellers” he was a true Journalist.
    Enjoy your retirement Eric.

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