Kevin Ko bounced from KIRO 7

It looks like another one bit the dust. Kevin Ko has been removed from the KIRO7 news site.

That could be by choice or a contractual issue. Kevin Ko has not posted on Facebook or Twitter in many months. No update on his situation.
Why he has not kept up on social media posting (not even any dance videos or Tiktoks!!!!) might be an issue since stations push their personalities to be OUT THERE. — Jason

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Author: Jason Remington

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16 thoughts on “Kevin Ko bounced from KIRO 7

  1. He was one of the reasons I watched Kiro. I’m so upset that he is gone. Keep the faith,I’m sure you’ll find a better place to work that will appreciate you!

  2. What a Loss!!! I’m Not going to watch KIRO any more until you tell your viewers what happened to Kevin Ko!

    Do you not care what your viewers want?

    WHAT A LOSS!!!!!!

  3. Why does KIRO not respect its viewers enough to let us know where Kevin Ko has gone? We loved him. We loved him as part of the group. He was a real asset.
    We deserve to know. It is so sad that he is gone.

  4. Kevin was my favorite. My husband and I loved his energy. I will miss him so much. If there is a way to get him back, please, please bring him back! He is the main reason we watch Kiro. Side note, he went to college with my neice. Same major and everything.

  5. Kevin’s energy was infectious. At 1st hard to keep up, but then, he slowed downed so we cld keep up. His bubbly positivity even when sharing bad news whether it was traffic, weather or news was infectious. I keep checking to see if he’s back.

  6. KIRO seemed to like him as well. Using him as a fill in Anchor, traffic, and reporter. Maybe he’ll tell us what happened.
    I personally thought he was doing a good job.

    1. I loved getting ready for my day while watching Kevin give his various reports. He was my “Energizer Bunny”.

      If he did leave, for whatever reasons, I wish him well, and hope he remains in the Pacific Northwest.

      1. I really liked seeing Kevin Ko doing traffic reporting and on the live desk. What in the hell is wrong with Kiro 7 getting rid of all their stars?!!!

        1. I agree. What is their problem? I discussted with them Kevin Ko was loved by a lot of people and I am not going to watch it any more. They have terrible people at the top.

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