KBRO returns to air from Tacoma studios

BAKER-Kitsap Sun / Friday, April 2, 1993 …KBRO is back on the air in Bremerton, but not yet on the ground.

The big band and easy listening programming at 1490 on the AM dial is originating in Tacoma at the studios of KKMO for the time being.

New KBRO owner Jo Schilling-Baine is the wife of KKMO owner Jim Baine.

She said she is having studios prepared for KBRO at 865 Sixth St. They’re a month or two away from completion.

KBRO, which went off the air last October, now is broadcasting from 6 a.m. to midnight, but probably will go to 24-hour broadcasting after moving into its local offices, she said.

It will air no commercials for the first month or two, but is happy to run public service announcements now. They must be in writing and mailed to P.O. Box 1490 in Bremerton 98310.

To reach her, call 1-206-922-3345 in Tacoma. A local phone number, 377-2325, was to be operational this week. Station manager will be Andy Swanson, from the Tacoma station.

KBRO will be hiring announcers for when broadcasting begins in Bremerton. The station will be live in the mornings and afternoons at least, and automated when a DJ isn’t running the show, she said.

Author: Jason Remington

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