Jason Puckett tells why he has parted ways with SportsRadio KJR

X.com (3/25/2024):
First off I want to apologize for being off the air for the last three weeks. These last few weeks have been the most exhausting and agonizing time of my life. I had been in contract negotiations with iHeart – KJR since the start of January and in the last few weeks we mutually agreed that I would be off the air until we reached a deal. So, no, I was not on vacation or sick. Why I chose to remain silent was not deceive you – the listeners- I just didn’t want to take my personal business to the airwaves and social media. Both sides worked hard to get a deal done and the process was long and time consuming.

Late last week I received the offer that I had been looking for and was excited and grateful to get back to work on Monday. However, a day after receiving the offer I learned that my partner Jim Moore was terminated as part of nationwide layoffs within the company. The timing of the move left me angry, sad, confused and conflicted.

Since last Thursday I have grappled with what direction to go in. Many, many sleepless nights has led to my decision to part ways with the station and not seek a new contract.

I’m a firm believer in loyalty and the treatment of others. From my perspective I couldn’t in good conscience continue to do the show despite my love to do so.
I will miss talking to you everyday. All I’ve ever wanted to do was to entertain and make people laugh. I hope I accomplished that.
This is not goodbye forever. The process has energized and motivated me to great lengths. Stay tuned because very soon I’ll deliver the same nonsense in a different form.

Until then, talk to you soon and as always, I promise to be better.


Jim Moore
Last Thursday I was fired by KJR-FM. I pulled over on a dirt road between Redmond and Madras, Ore., with my dogs in the back seat to get the news that ‘my position had been eliminated.’

Turns out I was part of a nationwide cutback of iHeart employees……And company president Mark Glynn has been terrific to me too. Mark and Rich allowed me to work remotely from Bend, where my wife and I plan to retire full-time.I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to work at KJR-FM and specifically with Puck and Chris Kidd…One last thing, if you ever read anything I wrote or listened to anything I said, thank you very much. I have been so damn lucky to do what I’ve done for a living in Seattle, 25 years as a sportswriter and 15 as a sports talk show host. All the best to all of you. #GoCougs

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Author: Jason Remington

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8 thoughts on “Jason Puckett tells why he has parted ways with SportsRadio KJR

  1. I never missed their show, and now I’m am missing it a lot and hope to find them somewhere soon. They’re better together!!

  2. Clown world, the epitome of it on display.

    The rocket scientists behind these decisions couldn’t figure out that awarding a contract to one half of the show while simultaneously dismissing the other would be bad optics for everyone remaining? This is the Peter principle, where a
    Person gets promoted to the point of incompetence or failure. Somehow the clown world captains get promoted to upper management positions, all the while more qualified people are shown the door. Then they gaslight everyone who questions their ability. Mind boggling. Good for Jason for bailing and Jim for taking the high road on the way out.

  3. Do we know who else got chopped at that group of station? I heard it’s been a bloodbath nationwide and the stock price has tanked to below 2 buck chuck.

  4. Jim and Puckett was the best show that KJR had. I would make time to hear those guys, something I would not do for any of the other shows. KRJ/iHeart blew it.

    1. Completely agree. Best show on KJR, they honestly made listening fun. The current duo is like nails on a chalkboard……Ugh!!!! I-Hart, you get what you pay for.

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