Lauren Donovan removed from KIRO website/airwaves

Update: Lauren Donovan moves to FOX 13 KCPQ

From the eMail bag —- Lauren Donovan has been removed from the KIRO news team page. She hasn’t been on since about August 29th; her last X/Twitter post.Lauren was one of the good ones. Her posts dealt with THE NEWS, not dancing or twerking for views and likes.

She will be missed. We will keep watch to see where she lands. Updates when available…

See: KIRO 7’s Lauren Donovan: Endless Energy & Great Reporting

Author: Jason Remington

QZVX Creator, Admin, & Editor, former broadcaster. ABOUT Jason & | Jason's Airchecks

9 thoughts on “Lauren Donovan removed from KIRO website/airwaves

    1. What matters is that she is probably being paid more and will be given more air time/resposibility at KCPQ than she was given at KIRO.

    1. Lauren was much more professional than Brittany. Brittany can’t report more than 10 seconds without referring to her phone AND her hand gestures during her reporting is similar to a symphony band’s conductor, very distracting.

    2. I did notice a similarity in the “look” of both Brittany and Lauren, and that made me think.
      Appears she’s found a home at KCPQ, as have a lot of NW news personalities.
      I wonder what it is about KCPQ that draws so many people from KOMO / KIRO?

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