Mulholland Family Needs Your Help!

Moose (Moran) and Renae Mulholland’s daughter was critically injured in a roll-over accident in Idaho a week ago. She is still in ICU in Lewiston, soon to be transferred to Spokane. Go Fund Me article: Recently Abby Mulholland was involved in a roll-over car accident that left her with multiple serious injuries. Abby was thrown from the vehicle and is lucky to be alive and now faces an uphill battle with injuries that will require extensive time to heal, rehabilitation and exorbitant medical costs that may not be completely covered by medical insurance. Her mom and dad will be covering travel costs, medical and lodging out of pocket. Abby should be released from the hospital in the next few days and then transported for rehabilitation to St. Luke’s in Spokane, WA. Abby has a minimum of a three week rehabilitation and additional doctor visits in the future. If you know the Mullholand family you also know that they are a positive fixture in Coupeville and a much-loved multi-generational island family. Abby is a 2022 graduate of Coupeville Highschool an athlete and an amazingly sweet girl with a beautiful heart who just started college this year and sadly will have to leave her first year of college. Please take a moment and donate to this very worthy cause and help take any extra stress from Moose, Renae and Abby. Any amount helps and is most appreciated.

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Thanks to Robert Witham for the info!

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Author: Jason Remington

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3 thoughts on “Mulholland Family Needs Your Help!

  1. Just to clarify here for those who might not be familiar — Abby’s father is Bob “Moose Moran” Mulholland, a longtime name in the Puget Sound radio industry. He and I are fellow 1973 grads from Nathan Hale High in Seattle, and I this week wrote him and said that with SO many people fervently praying for his daughter that I anticipate getting a good report when he and I see each other at our 50-year class reunion this September.
    “Moose” is a terrific guy and always has been, so it doesn’t surprise me to hear that Abby is every bit as nice as her dad.

    1. Moose was DJ at KYYX and KXA when I was a board operator there. He was just a super neat guy. I’m just heartbroken that his daughter was in this horrible accident, but hopeful that she will make a quick recovery.

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