Seattle Corporate Journalists Turning Against Independent Journalists

Saturday, December 10, 2022 – No surprise. KING 5 photog wouldn’t loan fellow journalist his phone to call police. Because… he is with KING 5… and the crowd is Antifa. A KIRO 7 journalist also refused the assist.
“I was robbed by Antifa today reporting on a Drag Queen Story Hour protest in Renton, WA. The stole my phone after mobbing me. I lost all my footage but luckily the police camera tower will have the robbery on file. Thank you to journalist (Jonathan Choe) @choeshow for having my back! (Katie Daviscourt on Twitter)

Brandi Kruse report: The press must confront its selective bravery. Failure to do so will only embolden politicians
Katie Daviscourt is a Reporter/Journalist for Rebel News Online, based in Seattle.

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Author: Jason Remington

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2 thoughts on “Seattle Corporate Journalists Turning Against Independent Journalists

  1. If true it would be shameful to not lend a phone to a fellow news person.

    BTW Journalists? I think even their own term is now “Storytellers”. Seems a better fit.

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