Update: Indianapolis Reporter Has Eyes On Seattle

We told you three days ago that Cornelius Hocker would be batting for the home team, KING 5. He starts in January, but he is already in town, meeting with staff, or at least the “mentor team.”
Read the following from News Director Julie Wolf and tell me this is more than just a lot of corporate feel-good yakety-yak:

“I remember eating cold pizza alone in a rundown apartment wondering: what am I doing with my life?

Again and again, like so many of us in #journalism, I moved to new cities with no support system and just… powered through.

It’s just not enough. And, really, it never was.

So, yes, the #mentor teams we set up at KING 5 Media Group are about skills, accountability, and success.

But it’s also about making sure you can show up at work as your whole self, best self, authentic self with a team cheering you on.

Tonight, Cornelius Hocker met his mentor team of Shanté Sumpter, Swaby Natalie, and Susannah Frame (with us in spirit since a story called her away).

He starts as our new reporter in January, but he got a hug from Roberta Romero, so he’s already officially on the Home Team.

Cornelius Hocker, WRTV Indianapolis, In. Coming to KING 5 in January…Before Indianapolis, Cornelius reported in three other cities: Tulsa, Okla.; Fargo, N.D.; Billings, Mont.

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