The High Cost of Dining Out. Living Large In Seattle.

Abby Luschei asks:
All this talk about inflation and gas prices but no one ever mentioned the real crime: how much Taco Bell raised their prices????? Tell me why I just paid $18 for two burritos

*Although I can’t explain the higher price, I do wonder why the Assistant Editor of a publication/Tv show called SEATTLE REFINED is eating Taco Bell?

Author: Jason Remington

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8 thoughts on “The High Cost of Dining Out. Living Large In Seattle.

  1. Ah the timeless art of a “selfie of a selfie”. Maybe the Taco Whisperer should have taken economics instead of Selfies 101.

      1. In 2020 my wife and I were at the Grand Canyon watching the sunrise. We were the only ones facing the sun. Just about everyone else was looking 180 taking a selfie. We laugh each time we think of it. Glad you have a teensplaner to help!

  2. Open letter to Abby Luschei:

    The gustatory scandal that needs to be investigated is the disappearance of Potato Cakes from Arby’s menu! Two roast beef sandwiches with horsey sauce and an order of potato cakes, my choice since 1969 when Arby’s arrived in Lynnwood. I did a remote from that Arby’s to celebrate the grand opening.

    Fast forward fifty-three years. I went in for my normal order and WHAT?? No more potato cakes??? I asked the man at the counter what the deal was and he didn’t know. I asked if this was company-wide and he didn’t know. So I turned around and made my exit. No potato cakes means no more Arby’s for me.

    1. I did the same after the third attempt to get a milkshake from Sonic Drive-In. Each day I drove through the line, I was told the milkshake machine was not working. This was over a period of weeks. Each time I canceled my order. I will not return.

      I also believe in following through on complaining to corporate for more egregious customer service or pricing issues.
      And, STAY OFF MY LAWN!!!!

      1. My complaint generated this artificially intelligent yet heartfelt response:

        “We greatly appreciate all of your comments and will share this with our Menu & Product Development team for the future.”

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