TV News: Celebrations Down-sized, Multi-tasking Journalists & The Epidemic Sweeping Across The Nation’s Tv Newsrooms

FOX 13 Good Day Seattle anchor, Mireya Garcia enjoys a birthday donut. Since when did donuts replace cake as the birthday treat? Times, they are a-changing…

Doing it all –
KNDO/Yakima-KNDU/Richland Multimedia Journalist, Sophia Lesseos, seen here with camera equipment, is not only covering the story as a reporter, but also doing her own camera setup. This is another example of how tv stations are getting more out of each employee. Video can be edited by the reporter in the field on a laptop computer, and uploaded to the station.

There is just too much of this going on at tv stations. Journalists should be concentrating on the delivery of the news and proper grammar, rather than their next TikTok video.

Bianca Holman and Aesia Toliver/WAVY Norfolk, VA.

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Author: Jason Remington

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4 thoughts on “TV News: Celebrations Down-sized, Multi-tasking Journalists & The Epidemic Sweeping Across The Nation’s Tv Newsrooms

    1. Peter, you must be a cord-cutter also. Welcome, brother. All of my video is delivered thru an app, commercial free. It’s 2022, not 1968. I refuse to submit to the cable company. Never will I be tied to a cable or satellite. Tv stations do currently exist, but not for long in their current form.

      1. I know I’m being ridiculous but I can’t believe advertising driven media still lingers! I stopped watching TV and listening to radio before Trump was elected. So I am amused the industry continues to survive.

        1. Subscription-based media could be worse if advertiser-based media goes away. Imagine 4 corporate entities owning all the media and setting subscription rates. One of those corporations will be Comcast. The other three will fall in line with high monthly fees. I can only imagine, no matter the platform, the same 4 players will call the shots.

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