29 thoughts on “What Is TV News? Brandi Kruse Nails It

  1. Some valid points stated.

    In the on-demand world we live in, it is no shock that audiences (TV & Radio) that traditionally have had to sit through bad content and what seems like an endless amount of commercials, are finding other preferences to find content that THEY want. Let’s be honest, all the music, news and weather is just a button push away on your phone….oh, and, it’s no secret. The audience has found a more convenient way to get their desired content.

    Until the commercial load issue can be addressed, I feel the audience decline will only continue.

    1. Commercials are more of an annoyance when the content of the broadcast is not up to par. Why stay with that station when there are better options, commercial free?

  2. Blood pressure just fine. I love debating. I don’t deny viewers are down, but there is still trust for local TV news for a demo that still wants a variety of spot news, councils, education and environment, etc, and who don’t want podcasts. Podcasts today are POV, designed for people to hear to what they want to hear. I understand they appeal to the delusional. That’s why FOX News Channel is #1. If you believe Rogan and Kruse are telling the truth, I feel bad for you. And CKLW had an agenda,too, as did the radio stations you worked at. I don’t know about your founder and his work. Not in my demo. I like current, not past.

      1. I don’t believe in lies, Jason. Do you? You really think the election was stolen? Really? Every one has a right to say what they want on a podcast, but what they offer too often feeds anger and violence and anarchy. I guess Jan 6 didn’t really happen, like Sandy Hook didn’t. Signing off from this site now. All I wanted to offer here was some intelligent context to some of the posts here. There are studies to support each of our positions, so I get that. But, to insult and condescend to a poster, is not what Victor might stand for. So there’s that. I guess you get the last word, here. Fine by me. OUT!

  3. You may be missing the fact that this website was built on airchecks and Victor Stredicke radio columns from the 1960-1980s. So, yeah, go listen to a CKLW aircheck and try to bring your blood pressure down.

  4. I posted that Kruse has little business biting the hand that fed her and enabled her for years. You have not responded to that at all. Her opinion on the subject is highly questionable, given her history. She’s trying to build her agenda-driven brand. Local TV news is still watched by a lot of people, particularly in underserved communities, even given the decline in viewers, which is largely generationally and Republican-driven. I see some good journalism out there, some serious investigations which should be valued.
    But, wait, I have to listen to some old CKLW newscasts. LOL.

    1. You have your opinion about Brandi, as do others. TV news has become agenda-driven, as you accuse Brandi of being. And you seem to want to drive this home, despite the research showing that your precious tv news is declining in viewership and the audience is migrating to other sources, such as podcasts, like Brandi, Joe Rogan, NPR, etc.
      Check out the best of Victor Stredicke columns at this link: https://qzvx.com/author/victor-stredicke/

  5. And your blog continues to post 1960s radio jingles, which are big for your demographic. And still nothing about your GF.

  6. Age plays a significant factor in Pew’s research about TV news viewing habits, with older demographics overwhelmingly more likely to watch television news. Of 18 to 29-year-olds interviewed, 18% said they regularly watch local TV news, 8% watch network news and 10% watch cable news. On the opposite end of that, 57% of interviewees older than 65 watch local TV news, while 49% of that group watches network news and 58% watches cable news.
    In 2017, 37% of respondents for Pew’s survey said they often get their news from local television. That’s down from 46% in 2016.

    (LA Times) Nielsen’s latest data, plus an acceleration in cord cutting, bolster the notion that audiences are increasingly gravitating toward streaming and away from linear channels. Streaming viewership has regularly set records on the Gauge since Nielsen introduced it in May 2021.

    Tv news is still a “trusted source of information” and The View is still on each day on ABC.

  7. “Fewer Americans are regularly getting their news from television, and those declines are impacting local TV news the most, according to new figures from the Pew Research Center.”

    As far as local news they mirror MSM and are agenda driven. That’s great when you agree with the agenda.

    1. Oh, crap! There you have some of that bonified research, and it shows that the tv news audience is declining. So, if one says it is still important, this would mean it is important to fewer eyes.
      Yes, it is definitely agenda-driven and a lot of truth is hidden.

        1. Did you read the article you just referenced? The way people get their news is changing. Local tv viewership is on the decline. We all see what became of the daily newspaper. The following is from the article you reference:

          As traditional local media outlets struggle with layoffs and shrinking audiences, entrepreneurial journalists are utilizing non-traditional sources to provide readers with news content that can be trusted. These journalists analyze and determine the value of information they receive from local influencers, podcasters, bloggers, newsletters, and other sources to develop credible stories.

          At the same time, remote work has become more mainstream, and many reporters have left global media cities to explore opportunities within local markets across the U.S. and create their own content on localized platforms. This includes Patch, the hyperlocal digital news company which built a software platform called “Patch Labs” that allows local news reporters to publish their own newsletters and websites. States Newsroom, a network of local nonprofit news outlets, is expanding to about 40 states over the next few years.

          Understanding Non-Traditional Outlets

          Amid the shifting dynamics in local media markets, knowing which non-traditional outlets are influencing local readers’ opinions is key. Along with platforms like Patch and States Newsrooms, other non-traditional outlets worth noting within local markets are:

          · College and university newspapers

          · Faith-based newsletters

          · Local elected officials’ newsletters

          · Chamber of Commerce and business association membership publications

          · Community social apps, such as Next door, One Roof and Eventbrite

          · Podcasts

        2. Your personal jabs (and hostility) at myself, Jason and Brandi make it clear you are not willing to have a constructive discourse. I indicated I mostly agreed with Brandi’s assessment of local news. Period. I am not a Brandi fan boy. We all have biases. That said I am not here with an agenda as you suggest. I do think local TV is on the decline, agenda driven, and moving from away from their role to provide the facts opposed to facts through their filter. That goes for Sinclair and FOX as well. There was a day when you were hard pressed to tell the “leanings” of anchors and reporters both nationally and locally. That train has long since left the station.

          BTW I don’t always agree with Jason either as you seem to suggest.

          1. Brandi and I had a tiff at one time. She made a smart-aleck comment toward me. Dismissive. Did I turn against her and go on the attack? To the contrary. Where recognition has been due, I give Brandi space on the blog. But, neither am I a fan-boy for Brandi. I think she has spun her career into what currently works well for her. She is not on the level of a Jason Rantz, but maybe that is because she is independent. That is a tough battle.

      1. “bonified”: a coined word describing that queasy uneasy feeling one gets from subjecting oneself to local TV news, cable TV news, Twitter news, Facebook news, podcast news etc. as in, “Honey, I’m really feeling bonified and we’re out of Pepto Bismol again!”

  8. Let’s not forget that she worked on TV newscasts for years, made good money on-air in a top 15 market doing so and used that platform to carve out a public affairs show for herself. Then she quit when it failed to draw a crowd and claimed disaffection with corporate media. She moved to podcasting but appeared on TV doing commercials for a mortgage company. Hmmm….Just the other side of the story. Local news continues to be a trusted source of information.

      1. Yes, I remember in the 1980s, WSU comm professor scolding the stations for so-called “happy talk”. I’m not defending, but instead saying that this is nothing new.

        1. It has gotten worse than just happy talk. Dancing and TikTok style stunts to amuse each other, the whole thing has become sophomoric. Trusted name in news? No. Not these days. Walter Cronkite died and so did my trust in the news people.

          1. If you look at bonfied research on the topic, you will find that local news is still an ‘important’ source. Oh, and the post was about Brandi….but you focus on the last sentence. I guess double standards don’t matter, just a chance to vent on news.

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