KBRO Bremerton Seeks Frequency Change

RadioInsight’s scan of FCC filings shows: Iglesia Pentecostal Vispera del Fin’s Spanish Christian 1490 KBRO Bremerton/Seattle WA seeks to move to 1480 with an upgrade from 1kW to 5kW day/12 watts night. To make the upgrade possible if approved, Iglesia Pentecostal Vispera del Fin will surrender the license of 1480 KNTB Lakewood/Tacoma, while James Dalke will turn in Oldies 1460 KARR Kirkland/Seattle.

Author: Jason Remington

Creator, Admin, & Editor of QZVX.COM, former broadcaster at KAMT/Tacoma, KRPM FM/Tacoma, KJUN/Puyallup, KASY/Auburn, KTAC AM/Tacoma, KBRD FM/Tacoma, KMTT FM/Tacoma, and KOOL FM/Phoenix. -- Airchecks
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6 thoughts on “KBRO Bremerton Seeks Frequency Change

    1. With the LOSS of 1480 Lakewood, will 1480 Bremerton cover the Tacoma/Lakewood market, or have all the good citizens of the South Sound lost the AM radio access to the Word in Espanol?

      1. Manuel Labor… Haha.

        The paperwork filed with the FCC indicates the new KBRO signal will only make it as far as the Pierce County line, so Lakewood and Tacoma will lose a signal. Putting a stronger signal into Seattle is the goal here.

        Over 70 years ago, KBRO battled with KTNT over the 1400 allocation. When 1400 moved to Silverdale in the ’80s and became KITZ, the competition hastened the end of KBRO as a viable local media outlet for Kitsap County. Now KBRO will pick off the 1480 assignment. The ghost of Mrs. Bartley gets her revenge…

        1. Ah, 1480… the home of KFHA, KOOD, KQLA and a few other call letters for fleeting moments. Never a money maker but plenty of memories. So long, you old coot. OK, pull the plug.

  1. I have a lot of history, and memories, with the Lakewood 1480
    Enough to bore you for hours.

    BTW – I have a KOOD Magnetic Sign hanging in my garage ‘ THE GOLDEN SOUND OF LAKEWOOD’

    Clay Freinwald
    Still working in the industry, 60 years later.

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