Spike O’Neill Replaces Jack Stine on KIRO Nights


Just wanted to let you know – announced on air today on the Gee & Ursula show, with Spike O’Neill in for Gee Scott – Seattle radio veteran Spike O’Neill (formerly with the Bob Rivers Show) will be the new, full time host of KIRO Nights from 7 to 10 PM replacing the outgoing Jack Stine (background: Jack chose to leave, he wasn’t cancelled.)

Spike’s first show is Monday, August 1st.

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Author: Jason Remington

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47 thoughts on “Spike O’Neill Replaces Jack Stine on KIRO Nights

  1. I don’t hear too many saying they miss John Tangney, Tom Curley gets most of the credit. I think Tangney was annoying, but that is just because I disagreed with almost everything he said. I haven’t listened to Curley on a regular basis so am out of the loop on these references to a messy divorce or whatever. Divorce is seldom a happy circumstance.

    1. I think you guys have the names mixed up lol. It’s John Curley and Tom Tangney. Why is Stine out at Kiro Nights?!

  2. Curley is the ultimate prima donna…but he can be witty and informative…He clearly has decided to live off-grid for awhile,likely due to his latest round of personal domestic issues…”TomCurley”??…lol.

  3. So G and U I listen too but only cause I’m loyal to kiro. Dori is a gangster. Love him just like my grandfather did.
    TOM CURLEY IS A LEGEND AND HE WILL STICK AROUND CAUSE HES BEEN WEALTHY FOR YEARS. (In reference to comment above). Tom lives in a run down shack in the middle of bum fu** Wa state cause he could care less about his money. Jack I will miss u- solid thinking dude. Kiro is loosing all stars 🙁

  4. Damnit. Jack Stein, where’d ya go? I’ m thinking like a crackhead…lol scratching my skin, rocking back and forth saying I need jack Stein, where’s jack Stein…Ahhhhh!
    God bless where ever you may be….

  5. I loved Spike from the Bob rivers show. Listened to them every single day for years. Was thrilled when I first heard his voice again on kiro. I wasn’t a fan of Jacks. my favorite talk show was Tom & Curley. Not as good with Sheri but I still listen. Would turn it off if Jack was in for Curley . Couldn’t stand to listen. I’m happy that spike is back on the air. I might tune in to check out his show but I don’t often listen in the evening. Would be nice if he had a cohost with an opposite point of view (like Tom & curley).

    1. Seriously miss Tom. Level headed people for the win. I don’t always agree with John but… He’s pretty funny, and Sherri has a good personality. Spike also sounds like a good person. Jack was at times a bit too smug in his opinions, but not bad. Dori, I agree with at times, but I turn his show off the most, he is the most smuggly opinionated person lol. I’ve had to send a few texts to kiro for him.

  6. Podcasting is huge now and Stine is trying to get into Joe Rogan territory. Debating Tim Pool’s theories (Pool has been a guest on Rogan’s podcast) in the latest podcast. Looks like good stuff I will follow and see where he goes with it.

    1. Apparently Stine has been doing his Youtube stuff for over a year…I do not recall his ever mentioning it on his KIRO program…Interesting that he would be doing his Youtube channel stuff, even while working for KIRO.

      1. He obviously had plans to grow into a podcast and now has more time to devote to it. Plan B. In this case, a podcast might be a better way to go if he can monetize it.

        1. Hope so…but it must be hard, for a guy to walk away from a job that pays at least a hundred grand or so!…He must have some reserve money set aside!

  7. I’ve only lived in this area for 10 years and the night show has changed formats at least four times. Jack Stein was annoying at times and mentioned being a former drug addict way too many times, but he was entertaining. But when he filled in for Dori, Curley, and then did his own show, regularly, I could see him getting burned out. Good luck to the new host. I hope he lasts.

  8. Talk radio itself is aging out. John Curley will be gone soon enough too bc he has a dull co-host. Zero rapport. George Noory can’t keep pretending that he’s interested in the paid info ads posing as relevant guests.
    Maybe we’ll have to find real friends now.

    1. Totally agree with you about the John Curley show. It used to be my favorite when Tom Tagney was on because of the banter between the liberal Tagney and conservative Curley. Once Shari Eilker joined , I stopped listening because Eilker is a nodding “yes man” to Curley’s one-sided conservative ramblings.

      1. Ex-host Stine occasionally would have Shari on his show for a segment or two…I also really enjoyed his interplay with Stacy Jo Ross, who is now co-hosting a sports show…Stine seemed to really hit it off with his guests, and always provided plenty of humor to go along with the banter. I am still upset that Jack Stine felt he had to leave…I am sure he must have been bumping heads with his PD…He would occasionally even comment on that situation!…I miss his forthrightness, even though I frequently disagreed with his points of view….I too enjoyed Tom and Curley…John can be humorous, but he seems to be losing his overall geniality, and is becoming the old guy who says–GET OFF MY LAWN!…But I do respect his on-air vocal talents…especially his ability to mimic well-known people…in that regard, he is unique.

    2. FYI–I found Jack Stine!…He has recently started up a Youtube account…named “Human Genius”…He is his usual, interesting-caustic self…but it seems he is struggling to find anyone to actually appear on his channel!…a few people have asked him why he left KIRO–he just says “I quit!…come on to my show as a guest, and we will talk about it.”…I just might take him up on that offer…I have no idea as to where he is actually located.

  9. Jack was great. I will miss his show. KIRO has become too much of an annoyance to listen to. Colleen in the morning is painful (poor Dave). G&U is wasted air time. Hannah is horrible with her sloppy poorly engineered “interviews”. Dori and his intolerable “accent” is a no go, as well as the incessant commercial drops he does. Rachel Bell and her valley girl speak, no thanks. Curley is ok when he is there. 4 hours of George Noory is nauseating. I have been looking for other talk radio options in the Seattle market and sadly this area is pathetic.

    1. I have listened to Tim Conway Jr (KFI Los Abgeles) to switch things up, but then they get into local items and it becomes boring, and I will switch over to podcasts. KIRO has got to do something else 9-Noon and late night. George Noory can’t possibly believe the nonsense his guests spew… Heck, I’d rather listen to old episodes of Phil Hendrie.

    2. I totally agree with your comments on KIRO….I believe that Curley will not be there much longer, as he is quite wealthy now, and may have other interests…Dave Ross the only sane, even tempered sort of radio host…but he must be getting close to retirement. Seattle talk now sucks, unless KTTH is your proclivity. KING was talk, back in the 80s, and was a good counterbalance to the area talk show format…remember when hosts would actually take calls from their listeners?…It seems that when listener call-ins were dropped, talk radio slowly went rancid in this area.

    3. You really should diversify your tastes and regard KIRO a gift to an otherwise ZERO radio output. John CURLEY is the most talented ON-AIR TALENT you’ll ever hear. DORI Monsoon is the most intelligent, no-nonsense, common sense voice

    1. I’ve missed Pat Cashman and Lisa Foster ever since they left!
      I vote for them too. I Was disappointed to find that Jack is now gone.
      Is Pat on anywhere?

    1. He was very sharp, and very entertaining…I hope that someone on this website can find out if Jack Stine shows up anywhere around here…but I think he loves his town of Santa Cruz, and might just head back to that area. His wife has a good job as a counselor here in Seattle; I wonder if that will keep him around here for awhile.

  10. Jack, Funny and very entertaining. G and Ursala..Not so much. Love g and U but Jack..Way better. Sharp kid! So sad…All the hosts I like seem to disappear, say like R and D. Get rid of Dory and your station is done.

  11. I’m really sorry to see Jack go. I always enjoyed his show and his sharp, insightful humor. I thought he was wasted at night so hopefully, he will end up in a better time slot. I just hope it will be locally.

    I also agree that Gee and Ursula are a poor use of airtime. That slot could be filled with something much, much more interesting.

  12. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for bringing Spike aboard! He has a big heart, is a good person, and always does a great job!

    1. I so agree, Spike is a great host. You can hear his kindness in his voice and words. I met his wife years ago when I was a Realtor for Spike’s brother. She and his brother were also nice and fun to be with. All the best Spike, good to have you on KIRO.

  13. I left KIRO a nasty text!…but will we ever really know the circumstances surrounding the exit of their top-rated nighttime show person?…I listened to Stine, on his last show he actually was on—nearly two months ago…he was railing about how he had been doing “three shows a day”, for a couple of weeks, and was obviously getting a little burned out…most likely, he got into it with the program director about this situation…so he decided to quit!…this type of radio seems so cut-throat!…I mean, from making a large salary at KIRO, to quitting?!…Interestingly, he had talked frequently as to how he had managed to sue his previous station, in California, “for a very large sum of money”, over the station owner not paying his people minimum wage…I was impressed with this guy, a proclaimed Libertarian, for standing up for his rights…maybe KIRO just got paranoid with his outspoken attitudes…He was definitely the most “cutting edge” KIRO had featured, since the firing of the late Mike Webb, many years ago…Stine and Webb were different politically, but both were not afraid to be “real” on the air. I assume Stine will drift back to California radio–although his wife may not be too happy with that!


      1. Wow….so Dori also is quite self-promoting and being his own best cheerleader…but when Stine did that, it was not OK with you?..I feel that Stine brought a good sense of humor to his show…Dori does too–and I am not in agreement with either one of these guys when it comes to politics.

      2. Don’t most talkers self-promote? Who else will toot your horn if you won’t. Ego has always been involved, with talk radio and Top 40.

  14. Agreed. Things KIRO could replace the Gee Scott & Ursula show with:
    reruns of old Joe Pyne shows from the 1960s
    Coast To Coast w/George Noory
    Three extra hours of the Dori Monson program

    1. I totally agree with the lameness of KIROs lineup these days…I am liberal, but even Ron and Don would have been preferable to Gee and Ursula…such boring, “light” programming seems to be KIRO’s theme these days….I am now training myself to stop listening to local talk radio.

    1. Someone teach Gee to use his inside voice. I cant stand getting shouted at and his opinions and comments are so stupid

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