Happy Drunk TV News Anchor

Well, HELLO!

CBS Albany affiliate WRGB anchor Heather Kovar seemed out-of-sorts during an evening news broadcast out of Albany, NY on Saturday — drawing major concern from viewers on social media.

By the way, we have to tell you, Heather has been suspended.

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Author: Jason Remington

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8 thoughts on “Happy Drunk TV News Anchor

  1. A couple of decades ago there was a blonde chick that did morning traffic for KIRO 7 tv. Seems she partied hard Cinco de Mayo evening and hadn’t dried out for the morning show. Viewers called in and she was never seen again.

  2. No one at the station to do her hair or makeup and she can’t do it by herself. She looked over-heated, disheveled, and suffering from the effects of drugs or alcohol, in addition to working a split-shift. She’ll get plenty of sleep now, it is unlikely the station will allow her back on the air. Her contract ends at the end of this month, she chose not to renew, prior to this event.

  3. My guess is that she will lose her job and find it next to impossible to find a new one. If I was in the right position, I would hire her under certain conditions and a very short leash.

  4. A VERY successful publicity stunt. Or it could be. Sinclair in that market would be foolish if they decide to continue to “go negative” with it. They should just roll with it and make it something to their benefit. The rest of the story is that she’s just lost her father, exhausted due to the circumstances. Maybe time for a therapy check-in to get things sorted out. Not going to pass harsh judgment here. Life happens, people are human.

  5. Wow one of the few noteworthy events to happen anywhere on tv or radio in recent years in an otherwise lifeless, dead industry filled with robots – both human and machine.

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