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3 thoughts on “Sacramento (Bee) Radio Listings 1960-1965

  1. Back in the day, when C & W was almost impossible to find on the radio, I would get up by 5:00 A. M. and tune our Packard-Bell Hi Fi Set to 1530 for The Bar-B-K. KFBK came in like a local in our north Seattle living room.

    “This is KFBK Sacramento, a service of The McClatchey Broadcasting Company and affiliated with KOH Reno, KMJ Fresno, K-Bee-Double E Modesto, The Sacramento Bee and The Modesto Bee.”

  2. At night, from Tacoma, I could pick out good signals from KFBK/Sacramento at 1530 and KKHI San Francisco at 1550. I kept a list of those distant stations which included KNBR/San Francisco, KOB/Albuquerque, KSL/Salt Lake City, KOA and KIMN/Denver, KGA Spokane, of course KGO/San Francisco. There were rare signals from farther away places, like San Antonio and Tulsa, that faded in and out, covered by static for the most part.

    Add KFI and KNX/Los Angeles, but I don’t recall hearing any from Nevada.

  3. San Antonio Action Radio WOAI at 12 Double Oh was the only Texas station I remember picking up back then. The only Nevada station I could get was KDWN 720 Las Vegas “K-Dawn” which did all-night remote shows from the casinos. KOMA Oklahoma City sometimes. WWL, KEWB, KXEL. More C & W on KEEN 1370 San Jose, KGEM 1140 Boise, “Kern County Country Time” on KPMC 710 Bakersfield.

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