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Adult Standards/Oldies 880 KIXI is now programming talk-business news features daily from 7-9 am and 3-6 pm. The Del Walmsley Show, Bloomberg Radio and Paul Casey’s Voices of Experience fill those time slots, replacing the wall-to-wall music. KIXI retains the John Tesh program in the mid-day time slot, 10 am – 3 pm and When Radio Was, old-time radio theater, evenings at 8 pm. Relaxing music through the night with Stardust continues weeknights, 9 pm – 3 am.

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Author: Jason Remington

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6 thoughts on “KIXI Tweaks Format

  1. I agree with Mike…I use to listen to the 50’s at 5 program and some of the oldies programs that they had on the weekends.We do not need more talk, sports, news, etc stations around here.What we could use is a 24 hour station that would play 50’s-60’s rock n know oldies!…the ones that we grew up on.The company that owns KIXI really doesn’t know what to do with it.What’s wrong with an rock oldies station??…nothing but since it wouldn’t draw the ratings the “ivory tower” execs want,it most likely would be dropped/changed real fast.I know that there are 100’s of oldies stations around…online….and yes I listen to those like most of you might also.But it would be nice if there was a local on air station like we use to have in KUUU, KBSG, and others to actually tune in to and listen to.

  2. They are going back in time to what radio did (diverse programming instead of uniform format) back in the early decades of the industry, and what many more should consider doing today. And why not? It’s a different era. 24 hour formatting is not written in stone anywhere.

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