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This is Clif Kirk, the first anchorman for Eyewitness News, recording a promo for KIRO-TV’s Instant News camera. We were transitioning from 16mm film to portable video cameras. The recorder was attached via a cable to the camera. The camera was made by Ikegami. I’m just guessing at the model number, HL-1…The HL part is accurate and stood for Handy Looky!
Clif Kirk
source: Duane Smart

Author: Jason Remington

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4 thoughts on “Clif Kirk Eyewitness News

  1. Was just an infant living in Rainier Valley at that time when he and Sandy Hill were at the anchors on KIRO. Remember watching their newscasts with my folks back then.

  2. Dear Sir,
    Do you remember the billboard that read “Clif Kim Ron and Harry, the 4 on 7 at 5 and 11” which as a kid I thought had a nifty ring to it, but was deemed confusing because people glancing at it became confused as to which channel to tune to.
    Also Thank you for posting this old photo of my father Clifton. Years ago I lost many of our family photos so I was wondering if you have any others?

    1. That was a very confusing ad. I think they chose cute over clever.
      The pictures we used regarding Clif Kirk came from an online search.

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