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  1. Thanks for that, Mr. Bennett. There were a couple LH Bates Voc-Tech grads that were hired at Robert O’s album rock KTAC FM. I lost track of them after that.

  2. KTAC-FM went off the air I think in 69 when a wind storm blew down the tower. In late 71, the station applied for a construction permit for an FM transmitter. They signed back on May 5th . They simulcasted the AM from 6.a.m. till 6.p.m. Then went stereo and was a high energy album rocker till 6.a.m. Robert O, Smith, fresh from KOL-FM, was FM p.d. For awhile it was a great AOR station. They were only 1000 watts. They did have great audio processing. There would be people in the U district who would buy roof antennas to pick up the signal. I lived in Tacoma at the time. Loved the station. For me, it was a toss up between KTAC-FM and KOL-FM. For the most part, they had a very good airstaff. I guess they blew KOL-FM out of the water. They beat KISW in Pierce and south King county. I think there signal only went far north as Queen Ann Hill and south as Ft. Lewis. You can pick them up good in Hood Canal were Seattle FM,s could not penetrate that well. In November in 75, they died and went to KBRD heaven (or hell)

    1. Ed – thanks for the time-line around 1967-69 on KTAC-FM as I was curious how long the jazz format lasted. However, technical issues put the station off air. I lived in a location where I couldn’t hear KTAC-FM so never got to sample the station during it’s days of programming “underground rock” Robert o Smith in control of the format there I’m sure made it a winner.

  3. Ken, I am unaware of the status of Rick Mauser, whether he is in the area or not. A search of the internet has turned up nothing.

  4. Jason – thanks. As I recall, I think Rick Mauser was at WSU and in the same broadcasting class as I. I also seem to remember we were both ROTC cadets at the same time and graduated as Army lieutenants. Know where he is now? Retired?

  5. Unfortunately, there were limited articles on KTAC AM & FM in the Seattle papers and fewer in the Tacoma News Tribune (which owned KTNT AM & FM at the time). This was a period when I seldom listened to KTAC FM. Perhaps one of our readers, possibly someone that worked in the market at that time, can fill in the gaps.

  6. Wow! I had no idea that KTAC-FM had at one time programmed jazz. I’ve always lived in an area that the old KTAC-FM/KBRD was not receivable while still on 103.9 therefore missed out on this. How long did the evening jazz format last for? Once the signal was moved to 103.7 & power increased, it was finally audible here north of Puget Sound.

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