January 2022: DX-er In Sweden Hears KOMO Seattle

I am happy to report that I heard Your station KOMO (KNWN) on 1000 khz todayIt was heard on the 11th of January 2022.between 1320 and 1340 UTC. That’s in the in the middle of the afternoon here in Sweden.It was it heard loud an clear. There where some disturbances from a Middle East station and an Romanian station that took over at the end of the clip.

I Include a clip that clearly hears Your station. (1:56)

Of course It was a big surprise to hear You almost like a local station for a while. I use a long wire antenna of 100 meters and an Icom R71 E radio. This excellent radio I had for 25 years. I live in the south of Sweden and I really enjoy this relaxed hobby. I would be happy if You would like to confirm that I listened to Your station.

Best wishes and a Happy New Year.

Roger Larsson

Author: Jason Remington

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4 thoughts on “January 2022: DX-er In Sweden Hears KOMO Seattle

  1. Okay, I know it’s 2022 and you can hear just about any station from anywhere in the world crystal clear on the internet. But there is still something so COOL about invisible waves traveling through the air halfway around the world and being pulled in by a wire into a little box and the voice in Seattle coming out of a speaker in Sweden. I get a thrill when I hear comedy on 1060 from Calgary and then move the dial just one notch to 1070 and get the Los Angeles traffic report on KNX. It’s still amazing and miraculous to me in a way that the internet will never be.

  2. Just for fun, I have sent an email to Lars Larson — a familiar radio voice both throughout the Northwest and nationally, but especially down here in the Portland area — with a link to the story and audio so he is made aware just how much his voice really carries! (That’s him speaking on the last part of the audio.)

    John Fortmeyer in Newberg, OR

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