FOX 13 News @ 6pm Launches Monday

(KCPQ) FOX 13 Seattle announced the launch of a 6pm weeknight newscast, branded “FOX 13 News at 6pm.” The hour-long show will be hosted by veteran journalists David Rose and Jamie Tompkins and will feature multiple meteorologists and local reporters to cover the entire region.

FOX 13 launched a 6pm newscast on Saturday and Sunday evenings in late 2021. The station produces 11 hours of local news each weekday and 65 hours each week, the most of any station in the market.

In making the announcement, Sheila Oliver, SVP/General Manager of FOX 13 & FOX13+ stated, “We are excited to enter into this important and competitive local news time period to serve the great people of Western Washington with the most important local news and information to help navigate their daily lives.”

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Author: Jason Remington

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9 thoughts on “FOX 13 News @ 6pm Launches Monday

  1. David Rose has got to be the most obnoxious, fake tough guy on television. Worse than John Walsh, he is nauseatingly obsequious to law enforcement and cowardly avoids mention of suspects’ immigration status, even when that knowledge is helpful in solving a crime.

    1. Sitcom: Person A leaves the room. Person B follows. Person A slams door. Person B runs into door. Laugh track. Person B yells. Laugh track (louder this time, to help audience understand the “humor”).

  2. Why does a one hour show need multiple meteorologists? Why does a TV show require a meteorologist at all? I realize the importance of a leggy, attractive woman in a form-fitting dress and a nice smile as she gives us reassuring weather data from Tumwater, Forks or Mukilteo. My personal demographic, though, would be just as happy if she were telling elephant jokes.
    What’s the best way to raise a baby elephant?
    With a forklift.

  3. Adding another deck chair to the Titanic. Caught Matthew “Beaver Cleaver’ Smith anchoring and it is painful, and that followed a newly added reporter saying “I can’t swim,” as a ‘fun fact’ while reporting on the Tsunami advisory.

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