Tom & Curley Wrap It Up December 1st

Tom Tangney retires.

Author: Jason Remington

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10 thoughts on “Tom & Curley Wrap It Up December 1st

  1. I see often here when one’s world view isn’t reflected the other side is categorically dismissed. To say KIRO is a mainly conservative station is simply not true. Yes Dori certainly leans right. Dave Ross, Ursula and Gee, The newsreaders appearing all day, and utilization of CBS news all lean the other direction. KIRO radio certainly offers more diversity of thought than most of the media outlets in Seattle, TV, radio, or print.

    1. I think KIRO fell of many listener’s radar when they gave Ron And Don the boot. I don’t know what those two were doing, but they made me want to listen. I think that even people that didn’t like them listened. They have never seemed to recreate what they had in D and R.

  2. KIRO’s certainly not more liberal than they used to be – in fact, the opposite. There’s Dave Ross who’s liberal (mostly via the short commentaries) the midday show frequently plays the “moderate” angle and talks up Reagan Dunn etc. Dori (though he wasn’t always) is pretty standard conservative and Sherri, the new co-host with John Curley seems to “amen” him on his anti-government chatter. Then Jack Stein, who fairly criticizes the extreme right but isn’t by any means a “liberal.” And then there’s KTTH – with Brandi Kruse floating between the two as a substitute. I’m not getting a “liberal” vibe from 90 percent of KIRO’s choices in hosts. If anything, I’d like to see them have chosen a liberal host to balance Curley like Tom did.

    I get where KTTH fits into the picture of the cluster and the endorsements and sponsor loyalty and give Rantz credit for the brand and his reach, but I’m not entirely sure why it was a better play on an FM translator than 710 Sports, given the ratings. I don’t think there’s many conservatives in the core of those 94.5 signals and the ratings back that up.

  3. Yeah…that a.m. show is just that…meandering, silly drivel about superficial day-to-day issues…No political stance there at all…unless you are inferring that the two “minority” hosts must be “liberal”, just because they are minority people…with Tom retiring, the KIRO ship is listing to the starboard side even more than before…Not much difference between KIRO and KTTH.

    1. KIRO seems to be leaning Left more these days. There is something for everybody at KIRO. There is “Happy Talk” news weekdays 9 am – Noon. Check it out.

  4. I have said this before…Curley is getting ready to either-re-negotiate his contract, or just plain leave. With him, it is always about the money…Tom is older, and ready for a real retirement. KIRO will soon be off of my listening radar…talk radio has been withering on the vine for several years now.

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