KIRO Radio’s Tom Tangney To Retire

(KIRO) After nearly three decades at KIRO Radio, Tom & Curley Show co-host Tom Tangney is retiring.
Tom’s last show will be on Wednesday, December 1, having spent 27 years doing everything from news desk reporting to reviewing movies, all culminating in his co-hosting talk radio gig alongside John Curley on the Tom & Curley Show.

Author: Jason Remington

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3 thoughts on “KIRO Radio’s Tom Tangney To Retire

  1. What’s cool about this tandem is that even though they beat each other up on the political spectrum, they really like and respect each other. You can tell by the number of times and the genuine manner in which they say each others names as they speak to each other. I especially get a kick out of listening to John rave on and on with his well memorized automatic ramblings. At the same time, I can picture Tom sitting there quietly sizing it all up a split second after it leaves John’s mouth. Then, when John finally, mercifully runs out of breath, Tom slowly, methodically, logically pulls out his surgical tools. The rest is as you might expect.

  2. I have been listening to T and C for several years, and I could tell that Tom, and also Curley, are getting tired of this format…Look for Curley to bail out in the near future…he has accrued wealth, and prefers to do the show from his cabin in Cle Elum!…Tom is/was a moderately liberal voice on a station that now is leaning hard into the Right side of politics. Oh well, I think Dori will also be leaving the station in the next year. Dave Ross is not a really a politically-oriented presence at the station–he splits most issues right down the middle….but he too must be ready to retire…I think KIRO will be undergoing massive personnel changes in the next year or so. It is weird, that in a liberal, progressive city like Seattle, the dominant radio station for talk is so conservative in format!

  3. I am so sad not to hear Tom’s intelligent and most kind voice Monday thru Thursday, but I wish Tom’s best on his retirement.
    I’ll miss Tom Greatly…..

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