Brandi Kruse Explains Why She Quit Corporate Media

Episode 1 of UnDivided can be found here.

Author: Jason Remington

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9 thoughts on “Brandi Kruse Explains Why She Quit Corporate Media

  1. One week into the new phase of her career, Brandi Kruse has gained just over 1800 Patreon contributors. Patreon levels range from $5 to $250 per month. Not a bad start.

  2. I found Episode 1 interesting because I agree that dumbing down to the lowest I.Q. or attention span is boring and dangerous for all. I’ve never yet heard a podcast to which I could bear listening. Will this one be different? Tune in tomorrow. I will.

  3. After a dust-up on Twitter, Brandi once referred to me as ‘some third-rate blogger.’
    Good luck with your broadcast career Brandi, because you won’t be able to support yourself on the crowd-funding for a podcast.
    I could have said ‘You ain’t no Joe Rogan’ but I do wish her well in this side gig she has set up for herself.

    1. Funny that you should mention that Jason.

      In just a few days she has 1443 Patreon subscribers (at a minimum of $5) = $7215 a month (there are higher tiers so it’s likely she’ll be actually be bringing in more than this!)

      Whether it lasts or not is another issue, but as of now I’m sure she’s not stressing about supporting herself on her income.

  4. I would tend to agree with Jack in this instance. It’s like she has inferred that she alone can get facts, and she alone knows the truth.

  5. I guess that this can be considered a sort of enlightened “Vanity Project”…her take on her individual importance in reporting, does not really feel congruent, as to to what I learned in Journalism School–that is, to report the facts of a situation, and let the public sort things out…She is right, to step away from that approach…but she now is taking her personal, “moderate” attitudes, and projecting them on various topics…and she,IMO, has a very inflated opinion as to the overall capabilities of the general public, to deal with her standards. “Stupid” permeates our culture now, so good luck for her more reasoned approach to problem solving in our dumbed-down society.

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