Matthew Smith Leaves KIRO 7 and Santa Comes To Town

Matthew Smith left KIRO 7 News (after 2 years) and soon-to-retire anchor, Dave Wagner, will stay a little longer to cover morning news shows vacated by Smith and Tracey Leong.

Off the air since July 28th, 1560 KZIZ/Pacific has filed a silent STA with the FCC as they move the studios and transmitter to a new location.

Santa FM arrives at 5PM on Star 101.5 KPLZ. This flip to Christmas music will be one of many coming soon. (Update: Must have been dizzy reading Twitter — I swear this was posted. Never materialized.) Spirit 105.3 was the first Seattle FM to start the Christmas music this year. 11/09/21)

Author: Jason Remington

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9 thoughts on “Matthew Smith Leaves KIRO 7 and Santa Comes To Town

  1. Sorry to see Matt leave unexpected like that, kiro must treat there folks like crap. Hes not the first to jump ship there you know, the list is quite long and all you have to do is look at the other local news channels, and now with the Gail King show on after, i just don’t watch channel 7 at all in the morning. GOOD LUCK

  2. I agree with David and Maria, KIRO is less watchable now than it was before. Lucky for them KING 5 is even worse and KOMO is Sinclair.

  3. Matt was too pretentious, glad to see a change. However, not as happy with Tracy and the loss of POC. Perhaps she was a bit to cute for some if the other OAP? Maybe if they let go of some of the more senior staff it would give the ratings a boost?

  4. 11-16-2021
    REFERENCE: Letting Mathew Smith go

    You lost one of the best reporters in Seattle. VERY sorry to see him go. He was the reason we watched KIRO. You will be hard pressed to replace him.
    We wish him the very best in his future endeavors.

    1. We can only hope they don’t replace like for like. He was too pretentious with all the fake facial expressions and non verbals. Condescending in his delivery! Dude had miles to grow. Just not major market talent.

      1. Good news. Smug and pretentious. His answers to my email questions were always condescending.
        Ranji is a better man.

    2. I agree. He was the reason I watched Kiro 7 news. His reporting was in depth and very informative. Now we’re just back to the morning nonsense

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