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9 thoughts on “Countdown To Friday: Travis Mayfield Saying Goodbye To Viewers Of FOX 13 KCPQ

  1. Well I’m betting he’s going to show up in a dress on Friday morning on Q13 maybe not at 4:30 when he does the half hour from 4:30 to 5:00 a.m. but I have a feeling at some point during the show he’s going to come out with a dress on if he doesn’t start the day with it

    And they can use the excuse that it’s Halloween and they’re dressing up for Halloween.

  2. He is well known in the Seattle market as an inveterate attention diva. Two goodbye posts???? Really? His phone number posted on one web site to attract suitors? Wow.

    1. His phone number is likely posted for potential employers. Mayfield is in a commited relationship and they have two children.

  3. Of course EMPLOYMENT suitors,not personal. ….sheesh. But publishing private numbers online isn’t a good idea. His personal life is not an issue.

    1. Suitor–

      A man who is courting a woman.
      A person who makes a petition or request.
      A person who sues in court; a plaintiff; a petitioner.

      So, you mean, a business that petitions
      –A solemn supplication or request, especially to a superior authority; an entreaty.
      –A formal written document requesting a right or benefit from a person or group in authority.
      –A formal written application seeking a court’s intervention and action on a matter.

      or requests
      –To express a desire for, especially politely; ask for. Often used with an infinitive or clause.
      –To ask (a person) to do something.

      that Travis come work for them.

      I suppose the word might work in the context of a potential employer. But more likely, Travis would be the SUITOR.

  4. So, Travis wore a skirt for the first portion of his final day at KCPQ. I missed that, tuning in later, around 6:30 am.

  5. Kicking, being disrespectful, or pulling a “stunt” on management on the way out the door limits future employment. Really it’s more childish than anything. Typical for the “look at me” generation.

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