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12 thoughts on “Swing Years Sounds Heard On Olympia FM

  1. Better than the garbage that was on that frequency for over a year. Over the air reception, barely intelligible, of KGTK during the day, then skywave from KXLY and some other station at night. How did that go on for so long? Glad they got it established with something listenable.

  2. This is a leftist conspiracy to relegate all of our gun right activist shows to the AM band. Where else am I supposed to hear Gadsden flag flying targeted programming? The people who decided to do this are being controlled by the microchips in the jab. Where’s Loren Culp? He needs to take over and end this war on our freedom. That’s it, I’m storming the capitol. We need more conservative and religious stations. In fact, every station should be either one or the other. If you’ll excuse me, I have a Newsmax article I have to echo on to my followers. Sorry for the correct usage of to, too and two. Also, your and you’re. It’s a liberal area where I am and I’m being influenced. My ivermectin is done being heated on the stovetop.

  3. I’ve been paying attention to 101.1. My list of stations it has rebroadcasted is as follows.

    1: KGHO 99.9 Aberdeen
    2: KISW 99.9 Seattle
    3: KGTK 920 Olympia (day)
    4: KXLY 920 Spokane (night)
    5: KSHO 920 Lebanon, OR (night)
    6: CBU 690 Vancouver, BC (night)
    7: KNBR 680 San Francisco (night)
    8: KBRD 680 Lacey (day, w/noise)
    9: KOMW 680 Omak (early mornings)
    10: KBRD 680 now without noise.
    Probably missed a few night stations skipping in. Glad it has a better STL path to feed it now.

  4. If only we had had these FMs in the 1960s to rebroadcast great radio stations like KHJ Los Angeles, WLS Chicago, and WABC New York.

  5. They certainly are eclectic, to say the least. I like the randomness and weirdness of their playlist. The only thing missing is the stuffy announcer with a hand cupped over his ear.

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