Matt Markovich, KOMO Reporter, Exits.

27 year career ending? — Matt Markovich began reporting for KOMO 4 News in 1994, but he also reports and produces for several nationally syndicated programs and networks including The Discovery Channel, Travel Channel, Learning Channel, PBS, Lifetime and ABC.
“It’s my last day at KOMOTV. We could not reach an agreement on a contract extension. But there’s more tread left on my tires, more stories to tell and electeds to hold accountable. I’m excited to see where my wheels will take me.”

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Author: Jason Remington

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25 thoughts on “Matt Markovich, KOMO Reporter, Exits.


  2. Now, the only reason to watch KOMO is for Shannon and Eric, after the weather, I switch to another channel or YouTube

  3. So glad that Matt Markovich and his fellow ex-KOMO personnel Abby Acone have joined the Fox 13 family. I’m glad that Seattle is what Dallas/Fort Worth–among my past areas–is: a Fox owned and operated television station market.

  4. I just heard you left KOMO!! How very sad but it is their loss!!! I hope your “tires” lead you somewhere soon and please let us know there that is!

  5. Hi Matt, I just learned you departed. You are the best. I really enjoyed your segments. Shame on komo, they will be sorry long run. Hope you land a great gig worthy of your talents.

  6. Meanwhile, “Breaking News” on MSNBC: William Shatner thanks Jeff Bezos for space ride, is quoted as saying, “I enjoyed it.”

  7. Matt… I am a retired Lutheran Pastor and Long Term Care Chaplain (45+ years). For the past 22 years, I have served Marysville Police and Fire (1999-2007) and Everett Police Department (2008-present) as a volunteer Chaplain. Your comments I heard via KVI this evening on my way home from a Call in north Everett were spot on. Mental health resources in our region remain pathetic; the inability to give law enforcement the authority to break up drugs and sex trafficking; and the other serious criminal activity using encampments as “shields;” resonates with my experience–even up here in low overhead Everett. Thank you for your insightful and challenging reporting for so many years here in our region. God bless and guide you on the remaining road ahead…glad the “tires” still have decent tred to continue the journey! 🙂

  8. Agree with all these comments about Matt. Have known him over 20 years. Great person, excellent reporter! Not sure why this has happened, but I do know somebody will scoop him up. Hope our paths pass soon Matt. Didn’t realize when we were talking a couple of week ago that you were departing the Grey’s Anatomy building, come to think of it, I will be soon as well. Good luck to you! Would love to know how to be in touch. I’m going to check Facebook as soon I send this!

  9. HI Matt, We have truly enjoyed your truthful and “politically unfiltered” reporting, often covering difficult and dangerous assignments, You were always the reliable and factual professional. Contract negotiations can at times be contentious for whatever reason. However, adversity often happens for reasons which we cannot see at the moment. As such, we are certain that you will land a role of even greater value not only for you, but also your viewing public. We wish you the very best blessings in your future endeavors and hope to see you again soon.

  10. I really enjoyed Matt Markovich on KOMO & will miss him. I hope he is somewhere safer because I worried about his work on the severe homelessness problem in Seattle. KOMO should have done everything to keep him. There are some good young reporters but we need the seasoned ones too.

  11. Matt you tell it like it is and we are going to miss you big big lose for all of us
    damit Komo get it together your loosning people we believe in
    and its becoming a small window of what we can believe.


  12. Wake up, Sinclair! You’re ruining KOMO4!! Mike Ferreri, Matt Markovich gone? Why?? $$$$??? They were so good! Keep this up and watch your viewership disappear.

  13. Wow! I will miss your insightful exposes….Best of Luck in whatever you do Matt! A faithful follower…
    Susan Reynolds

  14. Matt, so sorry to see you leave KOMO. You’ve been one of the biggest reasons I’ve watched. Good luck in your next endeavor, I hope we see you again reporting in Seattle. Hopefully on another station or a VLOG. Until then take care.

  15. Why are all the great reporters leaving KOMO….Sad to see Mike Ferreri (sports) leave and now Matt Markovich…KOMO’S loss, the bottom line doesn’t keep viewers, we may be gone soon too!!

  16. This man was the only guy showing it like it has become. As lifelong Puget Sounder born in Burien 1959, I was sheltered from the city until I worked 4 years in SOdo . Saw what was happening to this city. What a bunch of idiots running the show, unbelievable. The people getting a free ride have no hope anyway, maybe 1 in 10, the rest are lost soles choking the majority of normal functioning humans. Kick the bums out, I have a better idea if anyone wants toi hear it.

    Thank you Matt Markovich for attempting and succeeding in getting the story out there; I know you worked for a bunch of dopes concerned with selling garbage to the blinded population. More power to you, keep showing the BS, maybe the dopes in charge will see someday.

    1. To be honest, except for a rare few, the local TV media is complicit with those destroying Seattle. Most reporters and anchors are transplants and have no REAL tie to Seattle or the Northwest. Seattle is just a career pit stop for them.

      Seattle is on life support.

      Thanks Matt. Enjoy the next chapter of your life.

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