Shanté Sumpter – New Traffic Reporter at KING 5 Morning News

Rich Marriott, Jake Whittenberg, Mimi Jung & Shante Sumpter
Shanté Sumpter was an anchor and reporter for WACH Fox News in Columbia, SC. Starting Monday, Sumpter will join the KING 5 morning news team, covering the traffic situation on our highways. Let’s see if she can say PUY-AL-LUP.

Author: Jason Remington

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24 thoughts on “Shanté Sumpter – New Traffic Reporter at KING 5 Morning News

  1. I agree with a lot of Jason’s comments. In some ways Quota is a racist word.. also one comment is bologna..”the content of one’s character is second to ones race at King 5”. Welcome Shante.. be one to stand up and stop this color of skin issues,, we are all tired of it.. end quotas.. qualifications should be ONLY issues. I would be very Leary of a Company hiring policies with the word “Quota”.

    1. “The world will go on and hopefully we get better and better and fix the problems with constructive dialogue.”
      Meaning more government hand-outs, removal of statues that offend the sensibilities of the weak-minded and continued dumbing down of America.
      Government and media needs to stop kissing the ass of radicals and street scum.
      Anyone who wants to get somewhere in society should work within the system, mainstream America, following the rules we all follow, with no special treatment.

  2. Some COMMENTS from an over zealous, abusive user, have been deleted. Name calling is a tactic used by the Left once they realize their talking points are not an adequate argument. When their argument turns to name-calling they are banned.

  3. I would just like to remind my Puget Sound Media friends that Shante’ Sumpter is an actual, real, live person. Seeing her described as a token, EEO hire, flavor of the month, quota filler, unqualified, etc., I looked her up.

    She is 28 and has been on the air as a reporter and then morning anchor with WACH Fox TV in Columbia, the capital city of South Carolina for 2 1/2 years. Before that she worked weekend news for WTVA in Tupelo, Mississippi. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Journalism from the University of South Carolina.

    At the WACH TV website, I watched a 4-minute piece she did last fall on a child who killed himself with his dad’s gun and then the grief stricken dad killing himself. The interview with the grieving mother and spouse was outstanding journalism, and the report ended with information on free trigger locks to prevent another tragedy.

    Welcome to the northwest, Shante’ Sumpter. I’m not sure how KING found you or exactly why they hired you, and I don’t even watch morning tv. But I predict you’ll do good work here and I wish you the best.

    1. Ms. Sumpter and her qualifications is not the issue here…KING, and it’s dismissive track record is…I will stand by my prediction, that she will likely be glad to be gone by the end of this year…probably having to do with relatively poor pay, a wonky work environment, etc…several former KING folks have moved on, to higher profile, and better paying gigs, elsewhere.

    2. Mr Lonergan,
      Nobody here has said anything negative about Ms Sumpter or her qualifications. It is ALL about KING5’s hiring practices. KING5 publicly said they are hiring by a persons race. The discussion is about that only. It is what it is. The content of ones character is second to ones race at KING5. If they said it, and did it, they need to own it.

      I actually wish her well and hope she is successful.

  4. The fools bringing up race are forgetting that King 5 has been a revolving door for years. Anchors and reporters of all different ethnicities have been moving on to new opportunities at a high turnover rate. The actual issue might be that Tegna doesn’t provide enough incentives for people to stick around.

    1. Fools? Maybe introspection is in order. KING5 are the ones bringing it up and making it their policy.

      1. Are quotas necessary–or can people excel by their own merits? Have we stooped to lowering standards to fill a quota? Are there many expecting to be given a break rather than work toward a goal? Is THAT what it has come to? If they never work toward what they want, we will always have quotas to fill.

        1. As a retired USPS worker, I can remember the days of “EEO” promotions, that happened on the work floor…Some minority folks did indeed do well, but the percentage of overwhelmed, incompetent managers was a real problem…it became more of an “Equal Opportunity–to Fail” situation.

      2. Look at the situation this way. When a company has constant turnover they are going to be more diverse in their hiring practices. They want people from all races to feel like King 5 is a place that values them.

  5. Can’t wait to see her on KING. BTW, i thought they made a good move when they promoted Mimi Jung to weekdays, first on the Noon show, then her current stint on the AM show.

    1. You are right on the money. It is all for show. KING 5 is NOT hiring on the basis of best qualifications and they have come out and admitted this by saying that they are filling these woke-mentality based quotas, hiring colored people, because of their color. Note that I use the Jim Crow era term. They brought it down to the people of color label which is a hair away from saying, colored people, so, let’s go there.
      The reality is, America is headed back to segregation, and the black population, which is only 13% of America, is marching/rioting toward this end. They are doing themselves in.
      The puppet masters are white liberals.
      No surprise here.

      “I think most newsrooms around the county, and I think KING 5 would likely fall into this category as well, are very white-centered in terms of their approach (to the news),” said KING 5 President and General Manager Jim Rose.
      Anchor Mimi Jung said if the story isn’t specifically about race, KING does a poor job of representing those other than white people.
      “We’re not doing enough. We’re not pushing hard enough,” she said.
      The Poynter Institute will conduct a more scientific, data driven review on KING’s content in the coming months and provide KING 5 with feedback on how to serve the community with more inclusive journalism. (February 2021)


        Wow! So since you want to “go there” as you say. Let’s go there! You’re just another pathetic, evil, old ******* who’s filled with ******. Just your words remind me so much growing up surrounded by people like you. We get out of line and want too much were uppity n****rs, if we act like and sound like and do the things that you want us to do the way you want us to do it then we’re okay, right? There’s no question that there’s a lot that needs fixing in the black community and with black folks, we’re woefully shy of leaders to set examples and help us toward “a more perfect union”. But you and your ilk have been in charge of this country for hundreds of years and look how far you’ve come?!, you threw out all of that Jim Crow language and pretending that you weren’t trying to be insulting. The upside is that, judging from your language and your position on the issues, I would say that your a senior citizen and the good news is, you’ll soon be **** and ********. And your hope that America moves backwards towards segregation and what in your opinion was happier times, that’s never going to happen The world will go on and hopefully we get better and better and fix the problems
        with constructive dialogue.

        1. I get it. You hate Whitey. Racist language is not welcome here.

          We are only commenting on the quota that KING 5 is trying to fill. We are against quotas and believe anyone who wants a job should be hired based on their qualification, not by the color of their skin. MLK Jr. would say the same.

          As for segregation, that seems to be what blacks want, we are just making the observation. The Black networks are an example. Seems blacks should be working to make it in mainstream society, instead of segregating themselves as they are.

          If you can’t earn it by hard work and education, you don’t deserve it. If Shante Sumpter earned her position based only on her qualifications, more power to her. But, being given a job based on being black is wrong. Just as being given a job just because you are white is not fair. Everybody should earn their way.

          Spew your hatred elsewhere.

  6. She is just another “flavor of the month”…..she will move on by the end of the year….KING is so pathetic!

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