Summertime, Summertime, Sum Sum Summertime!

The WARMTH OF THE SUN– Video features Brian Wilson, Eric Clapton and other great performers…

Author: Jason Remington

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13 thoughts on “Summertime, Summertime, Sum Sum Summertime!

  1. Just as they liked Walla Walla so much they named it twice … “Summertime Blues” was liked so much it became a big hit “three” times. • First, here’s the original hit from 1958 by singer-songwriter Eddie Cochran, who wrote the song with Jerry Capehart:
    Then we have the Psychedelic hit version, from 1968, by the San Francisco rock band Blue Cheer:
    And then in 1994 it was a huge Country Music hit for the massive country music star Alan Jackson:

    “Summertime Blues” has also been recorded or performed by everyone from Jimi Hendrix, to T-Rex, to The Rolling Stones, to this version, in 1967, by The Who performing at the Monterey Pop Festival:

  2. Summer may be the season that most songs were written about. Maybe not. A lot of songs have been written about the month of September. Honorable mention goes to November and December, which rhyme with September. January to December, these are moments to remember.

    1. I can recall at least a half a dozen or more songs with summer or summertime in their titles or lyrics. High on that list is the British group Mungo Jerry and “In The Summertime” from 1970. When the song first appeared, I thought Mungo Jerry might be the name (or nickname) of the lead singer, but soon discovered he was Ray Dorset and the group’s name actually came from the 1939 poetry book “Old Possum’s Book Of Practical Cats” by TS Eliot … which was adapted into the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical “Cats”. Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer are fictional characters from the poem and musical. • Here now, are Mungo Jerry with “In The Summertime”:

    1. Okay, okay … I’ve had more than my share of “summertime inspired music” nominations, so this will be my last (I do have my fingers crossed and held behind my back … so…) and it’s from Nat King Cole. “Those Lazy-Hazy-Crazy Days of Summer” which was a Top-10 tune in 1963:

        1. With these references to Nat “King” Cole, I was reminded of this clever rendition of the classic “Blue Skies” … which is not necessarily about summer, but with lyrics like: “Never saw the sun shining so bright – Never saw things going so right” … it certainly conjures up images of summertime. Anyway, this is Nat along with Patti Page, big band drummer Gene Krupa and Jazz saxophonist Illinois Jauquet with trumpeter Harry “Sweets” Edison in a musical skit from an old Patti Page television show. The scene takes place in a building filled with rehearsal studios for musicians and dancers and begins with Nat and works its way through Patti and the other acts. Clever television from 1958:

          Notice Nat’s amazing jazz piano using just one hand!

    1. Billy Stewart died in 1970, four years after the chart hit Summertime. Life is short. Enjoy your summer days while you can.

  3. Sunny days tend to brighten the mood and everything is a little better. In 1965, The Sun Rays (sounding like The Beach Boys and produced by Murry Wilson, that rat bastard) had this hit. Songs that charted in the summertime bring back great memories…

  4. Oh, yeah! I second that emotion… Nothing compares to a Summer at Lake Chelan, and the sound of the SunRay’s singing that song on the radio. More recently, our temps in Coeur d’Alene climbed into the ‘90’s this past 1st week of June and I was lying on the beach soaking up the rays (and appreciating the string bikinis); I found that song going through my head on an endless loop. Thanks to that song, I will always live for the sun!

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