KING 5 Interim ND Drinks The Kool-Aid

Political Correctness is the watch-word at KING 5. Embracing race, (unless it’s White and Male), Laura Evans Baines is taking part in a 12-week course on diversity and inclusion.
I can imagine the pressures and micro-managing that go on at KING 5. This type of workplace might also foster division and hatred among employees. In that environment, some will expect special privilege while others walk a mine field cluttered with ideological repression, micro aggressions, and reverse discrimination. Hiring will not be done on the basis of merit, but under an agenda of diversity and inclusion.

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Author: Jason Remington

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7 thoughts on “KING 5 Interim ND Drinks The Kool-Aid

  1. Well it seems KING5 cares more about the color of one’s skin than the “content of their character” in both hiring and reporting.
    They are also light years away from being “The Home Team”.

  2. Management in general has dabbled in this kind of tripe for many years now…Back in the 90s, my managers at the Post Office distributed a list of things that all work-floor employees were “advised” to do…like, never look directly into the eyes of certain minority co-workers, as this can be tken as a sign of aggression!…and of course, never voice any opinion regarding politics, or religion, etc…most of us just ignored it.

    1. The same thing can be said about looking a dog in the eyes. That is corporate BS. Can you trust someone who you can’t meet eye to eye?

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