Vaxxing For Dollars and Queer News Channel Updates

Amy Bonaduce — “Danny’s doing a podcast zoom thing right now. Didn’t realize when setting up I’d be trapped in a corner. The interview is 1 hour. I got down on the floor, crawled out the shot. The podcast host was like, “hey is that your wife crawling by?”

Pat Dooris (KGW 8) — KGW has learned Oregon plans to offer cash ‘jackpot’ prizes thru the state lottery for people picked at random who have been vaccinated against Covid 19. Motivated to get a shot now? Statewide cash likely a million bucks. Smaller county cash prizes are also likely.
—- Maggie Vespa (KGW 8) — When you can’t convince ’em… bribe ’em.

Jason Rantz (KTTH 770) — The folks bringing in a lot of money from the vaccines say you might need a booster shot soon. But there’s no evidence the current protection is fading. So is this to boost protection?

KATU News — Starting as early as mid-June, the City of Hillsboro plans to open a temporary camping site near downtown.

Will there be hook-ups for RV’s and what outdoor recreation is available? Fishing, hiking, boating??

Journalism, as defined by Melissa Luck ☘ (KXLY 4) — Journalism is not hearing one person say “it’s raining” and then finding another person who says “it’s not raining” and airing both. Journalism is walking outside and seeing if it’s actually raining.

*** TMI *** Emily Halvorson – Communications for the Governor (WA) — It’s almost Pride Month, so I guess it’s as good a time as any to come out! I’m not proud that I tried to make that part of me small for so long. I guess I was afraid of being seen/treated differently bc I’m gay. But I’m proud now, and Pride shouldn’t be limited to 1 month.

Why is there a month dedicated to the sexual proclivities of a certain segment of the population? The way society is going, expect there to be a month for pedophiles to celebrate and parade through the streets. That will be condoned by celebrities and the media as well. Local newscasters will proudly “come out” on Twitter or on a segment of the newscast. Fellow anchors will applaud, cake will be served.

Yeah. That news reporting is STRESSFUL… Reggie Aqui (KGO 7) “Now…for my own mental health…some Wine and a day off tomorrow.” His bio on Twitter reads “ABC7 News Anchor. Disney Gay. He/Him/His.”

The way things are going, airlines might soon require proof of vaccination and a list of your pronouns.

The Fabulous Sports Babe knows how to relax at the end of the day…

Nanci Donnellan – The Fabulous Sports Babe. From 1991 to 1994, she was the weekday afternoon sports talk show host on KJR 950 AM before joining ESPN Radio.

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