Vanessa Misciagna Leaving KING 5 For Denver

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Author: Jason Remington

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18 thoughts on “Vanessa Misciagna Leaving KING 5 For Denver

  1. NWBROADCASTERS reports: Former KING 5 Seattle reporter and multimedia journalist Vanessa Misciagna, who announced her departure from the station in May, says she had a bad seizure early last month and was admitted to hospital. She’s waiting for a diagnosis and can’t drive but is now able to use a camera again. Misciagna was with KING for three years before announcing she was joining Scripps National in Denver.

  2. KING hired a new news director a few months ago. Changes were bound to happen. Just part of the business.

    1. Yup…And it is a very disgusting part of the “business”…not an acceptable practice..that could well be why people in media are leaving in droves.

    1. Ms. Misciagna, I just saw a “news” story attributed to you on local Detroit news station. Story said trades are in high demand and that one can become a Nurse Practitioner by going to trade school. Any RN is minimally required to have ADN degree. NPs are masters prepared nurses. Please don’t report false information. There’s plenty of that out there already!

  3. Goodbye Vanessa. I always looked forward to your Saturday and Sunday evening news reports plus your good looks!!!! I wish you nothing but the best on your new adventure!!!

  4. It is only coincidence that there is an actual revolving door entry/exit at the KING 5 operations on 1st Avenue.

  5. Not that this is a big deal but these are not normal times and this is a discussion forum. The industry is changing as well as the city of Seattle. King 5 seems to have an inordinately larger number of moves than say KIRO or KOMO. I don’t believe it is only advancement opportunities that are fueling all these media moves and retirements. Of course that is just my view.

    The larger issue maybe the train wreck the city has turned into. I have friends in many walks of life that have left the area or are looking to. Included are two friends that have left the Seattle Police and have also left the area. This isn’t your father’s Seattle…….

    1. So true about Seattle not being your father’s city!….both sides of my family moved here several generations back (around 1900)…I am now 74, and enjoyed growing up in Seattle…the “greatest Generation” were my parents…they shepherded Seattle along very well in the 1950s and 60s….Then, my generation, full of idealistic thoughts, did OK in keeping things stable…but many of Boomers moved into the suburbs, to get cheaper housing, allow our kids to go to marginally better schools, etc….What I am trying to say is, a city is only as good as the current generation living in it!….you can read into that statement, whatever you construe it to mean!…nuff said!

      1. I don’t disagree Mr Bell. My Dad was also a greatest generation member serving in WWII. Just sad to see the once great city I was born and raised in devolve into what it is today. True journalists could really help this. We just need to find some.

  6. I’ll miss Vanessa, and wish her well. Hoped she would become evening co-anchor, but Jessica Janner Castro was hired instead (not a fan of hers). I’m another who is wondering about the high turnover in local media, and why each new person seems worse than the one they replaced.

    1. Why are we making an issue where, it seems to me, no issue exist? This is not now, nor never had been unusual in our business. Media, for its personnel, has always been a transitory industry. Few are fortunate enough (or perhaps unfortunate enough) to stay with one station or company their entire career. More often, especially in television, personnel are continually looking to improve their career status. As far as I can see, the activities at King5 are routine.

  7. From what I understand, Vanessa loved Seattle, King5, Washington state and our beautiful mountains .. as she loves hiking mountain trails, skiing and was originally from the mountains of Vermont. She sees herself as a young journalist/reporter off to another exciting adventure in another state (Colorado) with lots of mountains. She will be joining the national correspondent team at Scripps Television traveling the country and doing what she describes as “people-driven, thought-provoking stories”. Her stories will be aired on all Scripps’ stations. She sees it as an incredible opportunity in her young journalistic career. In her words: “I will carry a piece of WA in my heart as I continue on this path.” Sounds to me like a happy young lady with new adventures calling.

    1. A few comments about your comments…just how “young” is she?….does she have any family following her around, as she pursues her “journalist/reporter” career?…or is she another career girl, hoping to catch on with a better-paying gig?…I suspect the latter…many of these pretty faced TV “journalists” are simply a variation of the Hollywood Starlet crowd…seeking as much exposure as possible…think of the old tune by that ex-Eagles guy, Don Henley, wherein he excoriates the “bubble-headed bleach-blond”, pitching the dirty laundry news. Not much has changed in the TV end of the media empire.

    1. It is kinda embarassing, as a Seattle-area guy, to witness the flaky situation that now exists in the local TV media…she seemed to be securely rooted here…you can tell by her “lightweight” good-bye, that she has had enough of this weird scene!

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