Recompense: My Lawsuit Settlement With Sirius XM

Though I am not at liberty to discuss full details of the settlement, I will say this is justice for the incessant phone calls received from Sirius sales reps. Even though I told them that my car was not equipped to receive satellite radio, the calls continued. The frustration and mental anguish from this harassment was, as the millennials say, “so annoying.”
This check will go a long way toward paying off that car, utility bills, and putting food on our table. Finally, new shoes for our youngest daughter!
Bank and legal info has been removed from this picture, but as you can see, the legal hassle was worth it all.
Thanks to my attorneys for their professional, Perry Mason-like dealing with the opposition attorneys. This was a nail-biter.

(Void marker due to black and white photocopy)

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Author: Jason Remington

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7 thoughts on “Recompense: My Lawsuit Settlement With Sirius XM

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  1. When you cash or deposit the check, I dare you to endorse it “R. U. Sirius.”

    But Siriusly, remember it’s not the principle of the thing, it’s the money.

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