Jack Stine, The Songs I Want Outta My Head, and Complaints About Our Weather… Waaaaah!

If you haven’t tired of hearing Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go by WHAM or something from the Miami Sound Machine, your “go-to” stations are WARM 106.9 and THE SOUND 94.1 FM.

I just added a couple hundred tunes to my mp3 player. More variety and NO COMMERCIALS. WARM & THE SOUND could at least attempt to provide MORE VARIETY, one might think. But the tunes these stations play tested well in focus groups and every AC station across the USA runs the same playlist. I may be a bit generous, putting the number at 400. Just a guess, based on the few times I have tuned in.

Conservative talk-show host, Jack Stine, is a great addition to the KIRO FM line-up. Stine joined KIRO in March. The only fly in the ointment at KIRO FM is the midday show sandwiched between the Dave Ross and Dori Monson programs. WEAK!

“Boss” Bill Wolfenbarger has cut a deal with Jodesha Broadcasting’s General Manager, Gabrielle Jordan and Sales Manager, Sally Silvi, to operate his six radio stations, in order to maintain local ownership. We have mentioned this previously, but it bears repeating. This is great news for listeners in Grays Harbor County.

104.5 MeTV FM Oldies, White Salmon, Wa., has been purchased by Bustos Media and the format has flipped to Spanish Top 40/Rhythmic. White Salmon is in the Columbia Gorge near Portland.

WHINERS! For those who will grumble about 75-80 degree temps in the Puget Sound region this week, just remember this from February (2 months ago)…

OLYMPIA – February 2021

Author: Jason Remington

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3 thoughts on “Jack Stine, The Songs I Want Outta My Head, and Complaints About Our Weather… Waaaaah!

  1. I like very much this Jack Stine dude…he is funny and very open about his past drug addictions…his backstory is inspiring…Recently he has been subbing frequently for John Curley, who seems to not be so interested in showing up. Stine is is good match for Ms. Elliker…I sense that Curley will soon be leaving the station, and Stine is being “groomed” to take over his spot…Saul Spady comes from a long line of burger flippers, as we all know. As a talk show host, he is a mile wide, but an inch deep intellectually…I do not think he will be permanent with the station…Just my intuitive thoughts!

  2. A true personality-oriented station, giving the jocks some latitude, would be hard to find, these days.

  3. “But the tunes these stations play tested well in focus groups……….”

    Dintcha ever wonder how to be a focus groupie? Interact with your peers to make the world a better place!

    Free bumper stickers!

    DQ Half price onion rings upgrade coupons (Top ten markets only. Requires minimum purchase)!

    I just doggone wish I was a doggone disc jockey! Then I could play all the songs “I WANT TO HEAR”!!

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