Jesse Jones, KIRO 7 Consumer Reporter Recovering From Heart Surgery

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Author: Jason Remington

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7 thoughts on “Jesse Jones, KIRO 7 Consumer Reporter Recovering From Heart Surgery

  1. I need help with a carpet purchase with Great Floors. I had ordered the carpet.
    In August I ordered carpet for my living room and bedroom costing $5,647.02 and paid for it on 9/17/21.
    I was advised it would be here 9/11/21. But of course it did not get here then.
    They called set up installation for 9/16/21. At that time they would not install the bedroom because the carpet had flaws so they ordered some more. Installers had told me that they had not measured correctly but did not say this so Kelsey the sales person. S0 she re ordered for the closet only.
    The additional carpet come in on the 19th of October and she said someone will be out to install. No other communication from anyone. I called on the 9/28/21 and advised I still had not heard from anyone and she was going to call them to find out when. Again no call back. I called again on 9/29/21 and she said it would be Monday. No time. I called on Monday 11/1/21 for time and she had to call me back for time and then advised 12 pm. On 10/28/21 Great Floors refunded me $150 for the inconvenience.
    On 11/1/21 a person showed up to do the closet only. I said not just the closet but bedroom too. He did not know anything about it. I showed him the carpet for the bedroom that I had in the garage and he said it was not enough.
    So he left. I have talked to the manager of the store and he is going to contact the original installers to find out what is going on.
    I have been sitting here with the items for the bedroom stored in the master bath, office, garage, deck and second bedroom all this time.

  2. If you still are in a-fib please try to get a sleep study that ended my a-fib. That ended my a-fib with a bi-pap machine. We wish you the best.

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