Brian Wood Fired In Latest Cuts At KATU

Brian Wood
Former KIRO 7 anchor/reporter, Brian Wood, was one of many disposed of by Sinclair last week. These cost-cutting measures affected 5% of the Sinclair workforce, according to company figures, with pink slips handed out across all departments. Brian Wood, a KATU reporter in Portland, had started at KLAS Las Vegas in 1981, moving to KIRO, and then spent 19 years at WMAR, Baltimore, before joining KATU in 2008.
Sinclair blames COVID for the cutbacks. It is a likely excuse these days. Teriyaki restaurants blame COVID for the cutbacks in the amount of beef served in their rice bowls.
We call bulls__t on that excuse!

Author: Jason Remington

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13 thoughts on “Brian Wood Fired In Latest Cuts At KATU

  1. If you have breaking news about Brian Wood, please share it here. As for comments from other folks, maybe they are not obsessed about Brian Wood, as you seem to be.

  2. To Remington: You seem to have a problem getting comments on this website besides mine? For over a year I have not seen anybody else leave a line or comment? Now I don’t care who or what shows up here to tell people their bulls__t! But I do know this; you dropped any follow-up on how or where Brian Wood is after he got axed by KATU in Portland? So I’ll tell you what Old Buddy! No more stuff from me that plasters my name all over the media, online or anywhere else for free advertising! Brian Wood was a very close friend of mine…..He deserves alot more respect than you give him on this page…..I think Remington you owe me and Wood an apology….I am done!

  3. Well Guys I’m just checking in here to update you on what is going on? Stuff’s been boring as hell so there is not a helluva lot to report!
    I did check on Brian Wood’s status? He’s laying low so can’t give you any news on him. KATU in Portland is still cranking out their daily broadcast like “Who Cares”. Still waiting for them to fire or get rid of their ancient anchors (Steve Dunn, Deb Knapp- No relation) That may never happen? So in the meantime, guess I will get my news from channel 6 or 8 depending on who is less boring that day!
    Want to thank Jason Remington and Puget Sound Media for letting me drop a few words here. You guys have a great 4th of July!
    Rolf Knapp/Vancouver

  4. Well here we are in April 2020. Been a rough winter for us in a lot of ways….still hangin’ in there…hahahahaha. Just wanted to drop off a couple of comments 1) KATU is kicking around their TV people, forcing them to work odd shifts, weekends and days they’re not used to, trying to get somebody to quit? Deb, Steve and Dave look like they are getting hounded every day…Too bad….Time to go guys! 2) Where in the hell is Brian Wood? Thought he would show up on another station by now? Maybe he moved back home to Seattle? Brian, let us know. 3)
    Well have to put my fishing gear in the boat….crank up the motor, catch some fish….will check back in in a couple of months….see ya
    Rolf Knapp

  5. A follow up thought : KATU could help themselves greatly by returning Brian Wood and Lincoln Graves as their key anchors . It is time to
    retire Steve Dunn and Deb Knapp after 20 years at this station. KATU needs to totally revamp its news staff to feature both their experienced anchors, reporters and a mix of new people together! One more thing: Get rid of their weather guy, Dave Salesky! He can’t predict a correct forecast that’s reliable anymore, rain or shine? Joe English would be a good No. 1. Well that’s my opinion, what’s yours?

  6. Here we go again! KATU is still cutting long-time staff and hiring new, cheaper paid people to replace them. Lincoln Graves departure
    was unfair. For 10 years he did an outstanding job as a street reporter and newsroom anchor for KATU. He did a lot of the day to day dirty work for the King and Queen anchors, Steve Dunn and Deb Knapp. Graves was very much under-appreciated for his work for that station!
    In my opinion, KATU is going to have a tough time to plug the holes they have made. Soon this station is going to tank!
    Rolf Knapp

  7. Sinclair has a more serious problem. They should have cut the Washington DC reporters. Fire Steve Dunn and Deb Knapp instead of Brian Wood. If COVID-19 is the excuse, stop the endless and annoying Leaf Guard commercials. Next to go should be “Mr Weathermaker” Dave Saleski. Will miss Brian. If he joins another Portland news team, I will join him.

    1. Covid is the catch-all excuse every company uses to cover their ass for any change they make.

  8. As a longtime viewer of KATU, I was shocked and Pissed Off to learn of the firing of Brian Wood. He and I go back to the day when I lived in Port Orchard and he was on KIRO, Seattle. If there ever was a more solid TV newsman, Brian was it. In my opinion, KATU should have gotten rid of QUEEN Deb KNAPP and some other Prima Donna’s at their station. Best of Luck to Brian Wood. he is a first-class PRO.
    Rolf Knapp

  9. Should of gotten rid of Hanna and Weigly their viices are annoying It doesn’t matter we changed to channel 8

  10. Portland AND Seattle are both good towns to be from. I actually liked him when he was in Seattle.

    Best wishes Brian.

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