Matt Rogers, Booze & Live Streaming. What Could Go Wrong?

Former KHQ TV/Spokane news anchor, Matt Rogers, unwound Friday night, LIVE, in an online rant session. It did not go well.

Author: Jason Remington

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15 thoughts on “Matt Rogers, Booze & Live Streaming. What Could Go Wrong?

  1. Not sure the wisdom of streaming the meltdown of ones life but that’s social media these days. I feel sad for the guy. Hopefully his decision making and life will swing upward soon.

  2. It is rather odd that, when sober, he does not say…”whoa, I ought to pull the plug on that one.” It does not seem like a track a TV news guy…on the job hunt I think….would want to leave. Or some day he might want to dabble in politics. It could haunt him.

    1. In one of his latest podcasts, he says he believes he can earn a living from that. Not sure if he anticipates sponsors lining up at his door or what.

  3. Good luck to him on that. Neophytes look at Amazon and think it easy to make online money. Granted there are some unlikely YouTube millionaires but he would have to find a schtick people are interested in in a big way. Mark Lindsay lead singer and co-songwriter of Revere and the Raiders posted a photo of his music royalties check for online play of their catalog and it was in cents four times a year. He explained that is a reason he has been on the oldies tour circuit. When I was in professional services I did well online by being number one first page of Google searches in my field. About 30 percent of business came that way. But that was a case of online driving traffic to a hands on “real” service. That is what they paid for and even ordering with Amazon online that still leads to a real product arriving at your doorstep. So the big question is what can he do to make a living off the internet.I have a friend who had a “how to” video go viral. He had monetized it at YouTube. Last I checked it had 2 mill hits and he had made about 2000 bucks from YT. That is .001 cents…a penny a click. Nice surprise when it comes in, like fishing money, but not sufficient for paying the bills longterm. I am sure Jason could elaborate on the huge profits that fall from the heavens into the lap of a Blogger.

    1. I would like to reply, concerning all the money made in blogging, but I just ordered my 3rd mai tai, as I sit here under an umbrella at Puerto Olympia. Good luck to Matt Rogers and all the dreamers out there in La-La Land.

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