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6 thoughts on “Your Thanksgiving Weather Forecast

  1. At KGEX I did a newscast that was at least that bad. Also once almost that bad at KLFF. It kind of exposes one’s mortality. Like — I mean– it sort of — ya know, right — brings you down to earth.

    1. During the Vietnam war, while playing radio at LH Bates Vocational, I substituted American names for the Vietnamese. I didn’t speak their language, they don’t attempt to speak ours.

  2. A favorite quote from a hero of mine–Vincent Bugliosi,the prosecutor who put away Charles Manson–“The biggest fear I see coming for our society, is the “creeping incompetence ” that I have repeatedly encountered during my research”. A potent, sad commentary, from a man who won 100 out of 101 court decisions while working for the L.A. prosecutor’s office.

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