New Host of NEW DAY NW

Amity Addrisi has been named the new host of KING 5’s New Day Northwest. Margaret Larson, long time New Day host, retired earlier this year.

Author: Jason Remington

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6 thoughts on “New Host of NEW DAY NW

  1. When they first announced on here that they were going to test out people as a host I said make it Amity Adressi

    But after seeing that and I’ve been watching the weekend newscast where she’s the anchor she can’t talk if the teleprompter screws up and then she mispronounces words she called Walmart one day “walmorth”. And stumbles when she’s broadcasting the news that reminds me of a small town anchor

    and for a few weeks there she was having her friend Jordan who does the weather on the weekends keeps calling her “sunshine”and they laugh and joke back and forth trying to make it like a feel-good day on the news.

    I now watch more of channel 13’s newscasts instead.

    In regards to channel 13 news casts. How many weather people do they need?

    from 4:30 to 6:00 they’ve got one guy doing the weather then MJ comes on and does the weather from 6:00 to 10:00 and the guy pulls in at a special articles on hurricanes then they have Erin doing the afternoon and early evening newscast and then they have the new guy Lisa who’s their chief meteorologist and hell she only works 8:00 to 11:00? Plus a weekend person too

    Good luck to Amity I her new position but as many fumbles that I’ve heard her say in the last month on the news I hope she can do better.

    I’ve watched new day a few times and it’s just an infomercial show really because they do some of the stories and they’re paid by the advertiser to do the stories for them

    I’m sure there’s a few other KING personalities that are pissed that they didn’t get the job they’ve had some gal filling in who’s been all friendly and smiling when she used to work on Northwest cable news she was like a wallflower I don’t remember her name.

    Regardless time moves on Margaret had her style Amity will have hers

    Good luck

    1. Regular KING 5 news viewers should know her well. Addrisi brings more than 18 years of broadcast journalism experience to the role, five of those years spent at KING 5 as anchor of the weekend morning news and HealthLink reporter.

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