Sam Lawson’s Audio Vault: Sam Lawson & Pam Larsen, KKER Country, Spokane, 1984

To be honest, things have not improved since the last Sam & Pam tape. This one features a couple editions of “Low Budget News.”

Pictured is the KKER tower atop the Delaney Building in downtown Spokane. It was originally the historic KSPO, and is now “Money Talk 1230 KSBN.”

Runtime: 8:31

Author: Sam Lawson

Student engineer at pioneer Nathan Hale radio station KNH 1210 in 1970 (prior to KNHC). Also attended North Seattle Community College and L.H. Bates in Tacoma (KTOY). Sam’s career began as a KJR request line operator in 1970, with his first on air job at KRKO in 1972. In 1976 he segued to overnights at KTAC as Cory Landon, then weekends at KING. In 1978 he moved to Lewiston, Idaho for afternoons on KOZE and KRLC. Throughout the ‘80s he was an announcer and/or engineer at the best mix and biggest variety of Spokane radio stations; including KZUN, KGA, KKER (The Sam & Pam Show), KZZU, KISC, PD of KJRB, and the voice of KAYU-TV. In 1989 he moved to Los Angeles as Assistant Chief Engineer and weekends at KZLA/KLAC. Also engineered for KBIG, KFI, Premiere Radio Networks, CBS Radio, and others. After avoiding any actual work for nearly 45 years, now happily retired and very appreciatively back in the great Pacific Northwest! --- View other articles by Sam Lawson --- Sam Lawson airchecks

9 thoughts on “Sam Lawson’s Audio Vault: Sam Lawson & Pam Larsen, KKER Country, Spokane, 1984

  1. Excellent! Don’t know who your fav Jock were, but I hear just a little Charlie Brown and Lockjock in your delivery. Really good, same with your KJRB air check. Could do this show in almost any market and succeed today!

  2. KKER had been the all news station, KSPO 1230. When KSPO ran into financial trouble, they switched to a lower overhead country format in an effort to save the station.

    When I was offered the morning show, I considered the fact that KKER was an AM station with a weak signal in financial trouble, but I didn’t care. Hey, it was morning drive!

    When I arrived, Pam was the Sales Manager at the station. After a month or two, newsman Neal Gladner departed, and Pam transitioned to the morning show. She had previous on-air experience, and more importantly, our names rhymed.

    Unfortunately, not even Sam & Pam playing country hits could save KKER, and after six months the station went dark. I went back to engineering and weekend announcing at KGA, and Pam headed for Anchorage, Alaska.

  3. You had a fun show, Sam. Pam’s laugh is infectious. I would have been a regular listener.

    I’d like to know more about the station, a little Class IV among several regional powerhouses.

    Also, how did Sam and Pam get together, and where did she go when this on-air partnership ended?

    1. I agree. Take it from a regular subscriber of the Electric Weenie, clean, silly, humor in the morning was the way to go. The Sam & Pam program has our seal of approval here at PSM.

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