4 thoughts on “KTNT TV Sold – 1973

  1. Cass was certainly in a league of her own but I know Adele talks about being plus size and then there’s Brittney Howard the lead vocalist of Alabama Shakes … both of these ladies are multiple Grammy winners. • Enuf said!

  2. Mama Cass was not a Barbie doll, but that never seemed to matter. She had a lovely voice. These days, I wonder if a plus sized gal would be so easily accepted.

  3. I see from this post that Channel 13 was airing reruns of the Tom Jones Show. This program schedule was for March 14th, 1973, but Tom’s show only ran 3 seasons … through January 15th 1971. He always seemed to have a 1st rate lineup. That nights episode, from season #1 ~ Show #7, originally aired on March 21, 1969 & as noted on the schedule featured Mama Cass Elliot.
    Here’s a link to her performance that night: https://youtu.be/uyOlSJDxiAs

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